Here’s Every Major Rookie Group That Has Debuted In 2019, So Far

2019 has only just begun and it’s already a stacked year for rookie groups.

We are just three months into 2019 and the year is already stacked with talented rookie groups. Here are some of the biggest debuts we’ve had so far this year.

1. Cherry Bullet

FNC Entertainment’s new girl group Cherry Bullet has turned a lot of heads with their video game inspired debut song “Q&A”. Fans are already praising the immense potential of these girls.


Yue Hue Entertainment’s new girl group EVERGLOW has only just debuted but lots of fans are calling them the future of girl-crush. Their debut song “Bon Bon Chocolat” is a bop.


The newest addition to the JYP family ITZY have been an instant hit around the world. Their debut song “DALLA DALLA” and its unique sound has been the subject of significant praise. Each one of the girls also has incredible stage presence which is very surprising for a rookie group.


ONEUS debuted in January with “Valkyrie” and the six-member boy group is already making waves in Korea.


VERIVERY debuted recently with the light-hearted and charming track “Ring Ring Ring”. Their fun and bright sound is attracting a lot of new fans.

6. WayV

NCT’s newest unit have started their journey in the Chinese market. A combination of three SMROOKIES and Lucas, Ten, Winwin and Kun of NCT, the group had plenty of fans upon arrival and they repaid their fan’s faith with an impressive debut EP.


The boy group trio, TREI, made their official debut in February when they released their first mini album ‘Born’. With silky smooth vocals and an energetic vibe, these boys have all the makings of a successful group.

8. M.O.N.T

Another trio boy group that debuted this year is M.O.N.T which stands for “Members of the National Team”. Their bubbly, almost cheeky debut music video “Will you be my girlfriend?” has been catching people’s attention.

9. TXT

TXT has so far proven to be one of the most popular debut groups ever. Debuting in the same company as BTS is a lot of pressure but so far the boys have dealt with it wonderfully, their debut song “Crown” has been incredibly well-received and their talent is undeniable.