Here’s Every Single Nickname Fans Call BLACKPINK’s Rosé & The Real Meanings Behind Them

#7 is so clever!

Over the years, fans have come up with numerous nicknames for BLACKPINK’s sweetheart main vocalist Rosé. Here are 8 of the main nicknames BLINKs use for her along with what they really mean.

1. Pasta

The nickname “Pasta” was actually invented by Jisoo. Rosé once revealed that after her stage name was decided, Jisoo kept coming to her calling her “Pasta”. The nickname comes from rosé pasta, a popular pasta dish in South Korea and worldwide.

2. Chipmunk

Ever noticed how soft and squishy Rosé’s face looks—especially when she’s eating? Those full, round cheeks have earned her the nickname “Chipmunk” from BLINKs.

3. Chaeng

Alongside her stage name, Rosé has two real names: her English name, Roseanne, and her Korean name, Chaeyoung. Many fans call her “Chaeng”—a shortened version of Chaeyoung.

4. Rosie

BLINKs are very adamant that Rosé should never be called “Rose”. So, they came up with a cute alternative for people who don’t want to type the accented “é”: “Rosie”, or sometimes “Rosie Posie”. Rosé even used it for her Instagram handle, @roses_are_rosie.

5. Blondsé, Pinksé, Redsé

Since the accented “é” is such a big part of Rosé’s personal brand, fans like to add “sé” to the end of other words as nicknames. Depending on her hair color at the time, Rosé has been known as “Blondsé”, “Pinksé”, and “Redsé”.

6. Avocachaeng

Did you know that Rosé hates avocados? Sometimes, fans like to tease her about it by calling her “Avocachaeng”, giving her two food-related nicknames.

7. RouRou

“RouRou” is an adorable nickname given to Rosé by Chinese fans. 肉 (rou) is pronounced the same as the “Ro” in Rosé, and 肉肉的 (rouroude) is the Mandarin word for chubby. So, C-BLINKs decided it was the perfect nickname for chubby-cheeked Rosé.

8. Chongah

This nickname came about courtesy of Lisa. Sometimes, when she calls Rosé “Chaeyoung-ah” quickly, it sounds like “Chongah”.