Here’s Every Single Time B.A.P Died In One Of Their Own Music Videos

This list answers the age old question – how often does B.A.P end up dead in one of their music videos?

Daehyun — x4

He dies with everyone in Power…

Gets shot in Rain Sound…

And gets shot again in the appropriately named  One Shot

And, for the last time (so far) in Skydive.

Youngjae — x5

Youngjae also dies in Power.

Just like Daehyun, we went down for the count in Rain Sound.

His death in One Shot was arguably the most tragic.

He didn’t technically die during the MV, but he was seen dead again in Young, Wild & Free.

Finally, Youngjae got shot from behind in Skydive.

Jongup — x5

Jongup was one of only 2 members to die in Warrior.

He dies along with the backup dancers in Power.

Another death for him in Rain Sound.

He gets shot while trying to avenge his friends in One Shot.

This time a friend was there for him in Skydive.

Yongguk — x5

He dies along with most of his fellow members in Power.

He’s the only one to die in Stop It.

He gets shot first in Rain Sound.

And again in One Shot.

It took more than one bullet to kill him in Skydive, but he went down like the rest of B.A.P.

Himchan — x5

Just like everyone else in Power, Himchan went down in the mass death scene.

He died a sad death in Rain Sound“.

He killed himself because of heartbreak in 1004.

He was the last to fall in One Shot.

They went hard on him in Skydive.

Zelo — x6

He dies withJongup in Warrior.

And then gets killed by the other members in the same MV.

He was still able to look cool while dying in Rain Sound.

It only took one shot in One Shot.

He had a tragic death scene in Skydive.

Finally, he was killed yet again in the Japanese version of Warrior.

So, for those of you keeping count, that’s a total of 25 combined deaths for B.A.P’s members.