Here’s How EXO’s Line Distribution Has Changed Over Their 17 Main Singles… All The Way Back From Debut

Drastic member changes created a lot of line distribution changes too!

EXO has been through a lot of member lineup changes since they debuted. Between Kris, Luhan, and Tao leaving the group to Lay not participating in some songs and, most recently, Xiumin and D.O completing their military service, the group has been through a lot of changes! Of course, this means that their line distributions has changed a lot over time as well, with some members getting more lines to fill in for those that have left.

The following graphs measure the line distributions for all of EXO’s main singles from their debut, going from 12 members to, with “Obsession”, 6. Check out how the line distributions have changed over the years, as well as the total percentage of lines that each member has had in total!

(Note: All the songs are the Korean versions unless otherwise stated)

1. “Mama”

Korean ver.

Chinese ver.

2. “Wolf”

3. “Growl”

4. “Overdose”

5. “Call Me Baby”

6. “Love Me Right”

7. “Sing for You”

8. “Lucky One”

9. “Monster”

10. “Lotto”

11. “Ko Ko Bop”

12. “The Eve”

13. “Power”

14. “Electric Kiss”

15. “Tempo”

16. “Love Shot”

17. “Obsession”