Here’s What EXO’s Suho, IU, Park Bo Gum And More Texted Jun Hyun Moo After His Daesang

“You’re so cool.”

Jun Hyun Moo won the Daesang (grand prize) at the 2017 MBC Entertainment Awards. It was the first Daesang won by a former newscaster and his first Daesang from the big 3 broadcast companies.

He revealed on MBC Star Romance Car that he received around 400 congratulatory messages. Here are some of the messages top celebrities sent him!

1. Park Bo Gum

Hyung, congratulations on receiving the daesang! May you receive many blessings in the New Year.”

— Park Bo Gum 

Jun Hyun Moo replied, saying his award feels real because such a big actor congratulated him.

Thank you^^~ Now that Daesang actor Bo Gum has congratulated me, it feels real. May you receive many blessings in the New Year. I’m always cheering you on!”

— Jun Hyun Moo

2. Kang Ji Hwan

“You’re so cool. Congratulations ㅋ” 

— Kang Ji Hwan

After Jun Hyun Moo sent a reply back, thanking Kang Ji Hwan and asking if he had a new project, the actor replied with an overjoyed emoticon.

“Yes, I’m filming one now. This people’s victory was one only achieved by your skills!! Congrats, congrats.” 

— Kang Ji Hwan


3. IU

“May you receive many blessings this year, Uncle! Ah, congratulations on receiving the Daesang yesterday.” 

— IU 

Jun Hyun Moo replied, saying he is looking forward to what IU has in store in 2018.

Yes, thank you^^~ You know that even if I don’t contact you often, Oppa is always on your side and always your fan. I’ll have big expectations for you in the new year.” 

— Jun Hyun Moo

4. EXO’s Suho

“Wuah, daebak! Hyun Moo-hyung, congratulations on the Daesang! Hyun Moo-hyung is the best! Have a happy evening!” 

—EXO Suho 

To which Jun Hyun Moo replied, “Thank you, my forever Daesang Suho.” Then, on the first day of the new year, Jun Hyun Moo sent Suho a meme of 2017’s “boyfriend” checking out 2018.

Suho seemed to enjoyed the joke.

“ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ As expected of the Daesang. May you receive many blessings in the New Year!” 

— EXO’s Suho

If anyone knows how to start the new year with a bang, it’s Jun Hyun Moo. Congratulations to the MC for his Daesang and may he have an even more prosperous 2018!

Source: MBC Star Romance Car