Here’s What Food Is Served At Korean Movie Theaters

No butter on your popcorn…but something even better, maybe.

If someone were to ask you what movie theater snacks were your favorite, you’d probably list off the classic buttered popcorn, boxes of candy, and fizzy sodas that you can find in any movie theater throughout the U.S. But movie theaters in South Korea are completely different. If you think you would find the typical U.S theater snacks there, think again! They might not have buttery popcorn, but they just might have something even better!


1. Popcorn

Popcorn is a staple movie theater snack even in South Korea, it’s just not like anything you might be used to. Instead of popcorn drenched in butter, South Korea offers a dry butter flavor!


If that doesn’t sound like something you’d want to try why not opt for one of their many other flavors? Popcorn also comes in flavors like cheese, caramel, garlic, and onion! And if you can’t decide which option you want to try more you can ask for a 50/50 split!


2. Hot dogs

Hot dogs are more commonly associated with ballparks in the U.S, but in South Korea they can be a movie snack! The snack comes in handy boxes that can be converted into the perfect tool to enjoy your meal. So never mind if you order the chili cheese dog or not, you’ll stay mess free!


3. Squid and cuttlefish

A very popular snack at movie theaters is a snack called butter squid. This squid is served hot and is covered in butter. People who have tried this snack say it’s chewy, salty, and more interesting than popcorn.

Butter squid isn’t the only type of squid you might find at a movie theater. Some theaters also offer other flavors ranging from vegetable to peanut butter!


Some theaters may also offer dried cuttlefish to please your taste buds too!


4. Nachos

Fish not your thing? Then how about nachos! That’s right, South Korean movie theaters also offer nachos. The snack comes with pouches of cheese sauce and sour cream for you to either put in the tray if you prefer dipping or squirt on the chips if you want them coated!


5. Chestnuts

Perhaps the theater you typically go to has nachos or hot dogs and you want something incredibly unique but can’t stomach the cuttlefish or squid, then you might want to try chestnuts! Typically the chestnuts are dried, roasted, and placed in sealed bags for moviegoers.


6. Churros and pretzels

You might also find churros or pretzels stuffed with cream cheese on the menu. These sweet treats are definitely different from the boxed candy you’re used to!


7. Soda and other drinks

You might find the type of drinks you’re used to back home at the South Korean movie theater but you’ll also find some unique drinks. Ever had coffee at your theater? How about oriental raisin water? And what about alcohol? Each of these drinks is on offer at some movie theaters in the country!


8. Chicken, fishballs, and siomay

At least one theater chain offers some very unique options. You can watch a movie while eating some chicken or fishballs.


Or try siomay, a steamed fish dumpling!