Here’s What Girls’ Generation Would Look Like As Boys

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Beloved K-Pop group Girls’ Generation is famous for the beautiful visuals of all their members.

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After the FaceApp application grew in popularity, fans began to wonder what the members would look like as boys…and as expected, they’re all handsome!

Take a look at the shocking pictures below.

1. Taeyeon

Girls’ Generation’s beloved leader Taeyeon is just as stunning as a boy as she is as girl—but really, who’s surprised?

2. YoonA

YoonA is regarded as one of the most beautiful women in K-Pop, so it’s no surprise her boy counterpart is extremely good looking!

3. Tiffany

Who can resist the way Tiffany looks as a boy?

4. Hyoyeon

Hyoyeon’s male counterpart boasts devilishly good looks, ready to steal everyone’s heart!

5. Seohyun

Unsurprisingly, the boy version of Seohyun is incredibly handsome!

6. Yuri

Yuri’s photo looks as if it were taken straight out of a K-Drama.

7. Sooyoung

Sooyoung’s male counterpart is the very definition of “pretty boy”!

8. Sunny

Last but not the least, Girls’ Generation’s cutest member Sunny is just as adorable as a boy.

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