If You’ve Ever Wondered What Goes On In An Idol’s Waiting Room, Wonder No More

Idols: They’re weird, just like us.

Admit it. We’ve all wondered what goes on in an idol’s waiting room. While we may occasionally get a sneak peek through live broadcasts such as Instagram live, it can be difficult to imagine what happens on a regular basis. Thankfully, a thoughtful InSomnia put together a compilation video showing what the ladies of Dreamcatcher do in their waiting room and it definitely fills in a lot of blanks for us. While Dreamcatcher is well-known for being fun, playful, and, well, pretty weird (in a cute way), we’d like to believe that all waiting rooms are as fun as theirs!


1. Roleplaying

2. Playing games

3. Dancing

4. E-gaming

5. Personal interests (like reading)

6. Eating

7. Sleeping

8. Rehearsing

9. Reading fan letters

10. Selfie & Group Bonding

Watch Dreamcatcher be their completely lovable, adorkable selves below: