Here’s What Happened To The Members Of “Future 2NE1”

It’s quite sad what happened to all the members.

YG Entertainment gained some traction back in 2012 when they revealed the members of “Future 2NE1”.

The 4 trainees were at the time rumored to be a part of YG Entertainment’s future girl group, but it never happened. They all ended up leaving YG Entertainment at some point. It’s been nearly 8 years since these 4 talented girls were introduced, so here’s an update on their current whereabouts.

1. Lee Seoyeon

Sometime after leaving YG Entertainment, Lee Seoyeon participated on the survival show Idol School.

Seoyeon showed her great talents, and caught the attention of many, as she placed 7’th in the finale of the show. This allowed her to become a member of Fromis_9. Lee Seoyeon is the only member from “Future 2NE1” that is currently in a group.

2. Park Seoyoung

Park Seoyoung has been relatively active since she departed from YG Entertainment. Her most well-known appearance is from her participation in Produce 48, which is the program that created IZ*ONE. Park Seoyoung ended up getting eliminated from the show, where her final ranking was 55’th place.

Under the stage name “Roya“, she recently released her first solo single called “Butterfly”.

3. Moon Sua

Moon Sua stuck around YG Entertainment for quite some time, as she left the company in 2019. She ended up being a trainee at the company for around 10 years before her departure. Many fans were disappointed with her departure, as she showcased her talents many times.

She’s currently a trainee under MYSTIC Story.

4. Im Suah

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Im Suah has been relatively quiet since she departed from YG Entertainment. She’s been active on social media and has posted a couple of music covers on her YouTube channel.