Here’s An In-Depth Analysis Of How GFRIEND Members’ Line Distributions Have Changed Since Debut

How have these lovely ladies’ line distributions changed over time?

GFRIEND has been gaining a lot of attention and praise lately for their amazing comeback with “Apple”, so this is a good time to take a look at the line evolutions of the members and see how they’ve changed over time! The group debuted in January of 2015, giving them 5 and a half years of growth and development and time to learn each others’ strengths and weaknesses. This has also given some members time to become more confident in their abilities, potentially allowing them to have more center time! Here are how each member’s lines have changed over time since their debut song “Glass Bead”.


Eunha has the second-most lines in the group, with 23.4% of the total. She’s the lead vocalist of GFRIEND, so it makes sense for her to have a lot of lines! The amount of lines she’s getting in each song has stayed relatively stable over the years as well, with only a little variation and no clear upward or downward trend. If this continues to be the case, it seems quite fair!


Yerin has the second-least amount of lines among the members of GFRIEND, with 11.7% of the total. She is the lead dancer and center of the group as well as a vocalist, so it makes sense that her focus would be more on dancing than on singing a lot of lines. She has had a lot of variation in her lines over the years, with a bit of a dip between “Rough” and “Summer Rain”, but overall it doesn’t appear that she has any kind of upward or downward trend.


Sowon has the least amount of lines in GFRIEND, with just 8.8% of the total lines. She’s the main rapper and a vocalist of the group (as well as the leader), and since GFRIEND isn’t very rap-heavy, it’s not too surprising that she doesn’t have a lot of lines. She does, however, have a very clear upward trend in her lines since “Me Gustas Tu”, so hopefully this means she will get more of the overall lines in the group going forward!


Umji has about 12.7% of the group’s total lines. Similar to Sowon, she’s a lead rapper and vocalist, but for some reason she’s had more lines overall than the other rapper. Also like Sowon, she does seem to be having an increase in her lines over time, which is great to see for the maknae! Hopefully this will continue so she gets more time to shine.


SinB has 14.4% of the total lines in GFRIEND. She’s definitely known more as a main dancer in the group than anything else, but she’s, of course, also a vocalist, and it’s nice to see that she still gets a decent amount of lines despite her dance focus! Her lines have stayed relatively stable over time as well, with only a couple songs that had drastically less lines.


Yuju has the most lines out of anyone in GFRIEND with 29% of the total. This isn’t surprising, given that she’s the main vocalist! It does appear that she’s been having gradually less lines over time, however, likely to provide more room for other members, such as the rappers, to have enough lines. Since she still has plenty of lines overall, this shouldn’t be an issue!