Here’s An In-Depth Analysis Of How (G)I-DLE Members’ Line Distributions Have Changed Since Debut

Some members have clear trends, while others show a lot of variation.

(G)I-DLE debuted in May of 2018, so they’ve had about 2 years now to work together and determine each member’s strengths and weaknesses. Within the last two years, they’ve come out with quite a few comebacks and albums, which allows fans to look at their line distributions over time and notice if there are any trends in each member’s lines, whether one member has gotten more, less, or a varied amount over time. The graphs below look at the percentages of lines each member has had since (G)I-DLE’s debut to see if there are any such trends. Check them out for yourself!


Many people are under the assumption that Soyeon has by far the most amount of lines in the group, and while she does have the most overall at about 22.6% of the total, it’s not that much greater than some of the other members. As the main rapper of the group, it makes sense that she would get a decent amount of lines, especially in (G)I-DLE’s more rap-heavy songs. She also has shown an increasing trend in her lines since the group’s debut, which is good for her, but hopefully it will still stay at a level that allows other members to get plenty of lines too!


Minnie has the second-most lines in (G)I-DLE, with 19.9% of the total. Since she has the position of main vocalist, this is definitely appropriate! Her amount of lines since the group’s debut has been relatively stable, though within the last couple of comebacks there has been a slight decrease. Given the past trends, however, this is unlikely to continue, and it wouldn’t be surprising if she jumps back up in line percentage for their next comeback!


Yuqi has the second-least amount of lines in the group, with only 12.3% of the total. However, based on her position as the lead dancer, sub-vocalist, and sub-rapper, it’s not terribly surprising that she doesn’t have as many lines as other members and instead focuses more on her physical performance with dancing. She’s showed quite a lot of variation in her line amounts over time as well, though in more recent times there seems to be a bit of a decrease, but hopefully that will change in the future, because she definitely still deserves time to sing and rap!


Soojin is also a main dancer, sub-vocalist, and sub-rapper, but she has quite a bit more lines than Yuqi, with her total being around 18.7%, which isn’t much less than some of the main vocalists. While this is great for her, it would be nice to see both she and Yuqi having an equal amount of lines, given their same titles! Soojin also has been seeing a bit of an upward trend in her lines since the group’s debut, which again is nice for her, at least, since she is a talented vocalist!


Miyeon barely has less lines than Minnie, with 19.7% of the total lines in the group so far. She’s also a main vocalist, so again, it would make sense that she has a decent amount of lines in the group. However, her line evolution shows a clear decrease since (G)I-DLE debuted, which is a bit strange, though it’s likely due to just how many lines she was getting in their early days, which was nearly a third of the song in some cases! She’s still getting a decent amount overall, so if her lines stay around the same now, it shouldn’t be too unfair.


Shuhua has, by far, the least amount of lines in the group, with only 6.8% of the total. While it would’ve made sense for her to have less lines closer to debut and more lines now, due to her coming from Taiwan and likely being less comfortable with the Korean language at first, her line evolution has really been all over the place without any clear trend. She’s listed as just a sub-vocalist of the group, so it’s true that she shouldn’t be getting as many lines as some of the other vocalists, but hopefully in time as her confidence and stage presence grows even more, she’ll get more time to shine!