Here’s An In-Depth Analysis Into MOMOLAND Members’ Line Distribution Changes Since Debut

They’ve been through a lot with all their member changes.

MOMOLAND debuted all the way back in November of 2016, though they didn’t really take off until “Bboom Bboom” came out in January 2018. Since then, the group has gone through a lot of difficult changes, with members Yeonwoo, Taeha, and Daisy eventually leaving and causing the group to just have six members total. MOMOLAND continued on, however, and the members that remained adjusted as well as they could to the changes! The graphs below look at the line evolutions of each of the remaining members and how each of their line distributions have changed over time.


Hyebin has the second-least amount of lines in the remaining members of MOMOLAND, with about 9.1% of the total. Along with being leader, she’s also a main rapper and vocalist, so it seems like she should get a decent amount of lines. MOMOLAND isn’t a heavy-rap group, though, so that might be a reason why. Interestingly, she was showing a pretty steady decrease in her lines until around the era when the 3 members left the group, when she then had a steep increase. Hopefully this continues for her sake!


Jane is right in the middle in terms of the amount of lines she gets, with about 12% of the total belonging to her. She’s the main dancer as well as a vocalist and rapper, so it is a little odd that she would have more lines than Hyebin, who is a main rapper! She also appears to have a very slight increasing trend in her lines since a little after their debut, though it’s not very drastic. As long as she stays about where she is, she should get a fair amount of lines!


Nayun has the least amount of lines overall in the remaining members of MOMOLAND, with only about 8.7% of the total. She’s a vocalist and rapper of the group, so that could be why she doesn’t get as many lines since she doesn’t have any main or lead position. However, she does show a very clear increasing trend in her lines, so hopefully that will continue for her sake!


JooE has the most amount of lines out of the members of the group, with 15.8% of the total belonging to her. She’s the lead vocalist, lead rapper, lead dancer, center, and face of the group, so it’s really no wonder! She’s also had a slight increase in her overall lines since the group debuted, so as long as it doesn’t continue to grow more and make the other members get less lines, it should be fine.


Ahin is another member in the middle when it comes to her amount of lines, with about 13.2% of the total. She’s the main vocalist of the group, so she should definitely be getting her fair share of lines! Overall her line evolution is pretty steady, with just a short dip between the “Bboom Bboom” and “BAAM” eras, so as long as this continues, she should get plenty of lines for her role.


Nancy has the second-most amount of lines in the remaining members of MOMOLAND, with about 15.1% of the total. Along with being the maknae, she’s also a lead dancer and lead vocalist (and the visual). Being a lead vocalist definitely means she should be getting a good amount of lines, so it’s not too surprising to see! Overall her line evolution, too, has been pretty steady without any obvious increase or decrease over time.