Here’s An Interesting Fact About BTS’s Music Videos That You Might Not Have Known About

There’s also an interesting fact about the music video for “Spring Day”.

Something that BTS has been praised for through the years are their mesmerizing music videos.

Mnet‘s TMI News took a look at their music videos and found an interesting fact about nearly all of them.

Many of the cast members assumed that nearly all their music videos were filmed overseas, but they were in for a surprise when they learned that almost all of BTS’s music videos were filmed in Korea!

Only two of BTS’s music videos were not filmed in Korea.

BTS’s most famous music video location is probably the one for “Spring Day”. The location was so beautiful that RM was surprised that there was a place like it in Korea.

The music video for “Spring Day” was filmed in Jumunjin Beach in Gangwon-do Province.

Jumunjin Beach became a hot spot since 2017 because of the bus stop that BTS used for one of their album cover photos.

An interesting fact is that the bus stop was created by the BTS staff members for the music video, and was torn down once they finished filming.

However, due to the immense amount of fans that came to visit the location, the bus stop was put up again.

There’s more in the full video below!