Here’s A List Of BTS Collaborations Throughout The Years

Are there any other collaborations that you can think of?

Although BTS is well known for their music and production, there may be some collaborations by them that you haven’t heard about yet! They have collaborated with a variety of different artists from different genres, revealing their wide taste in music. Here are a few collaborations done by BTS over the years.




Ashes- J-Lim (feat. Iron, BTS)

This was the first song to feature BTS before their official debut. This song also features Iron, someone who didn’t end up making it into the final lineup for BTS. This song released back in 2010.




Love You, Hate You- 2AM (feat. BTS)

This 2010 album features RM, Supreme Boi, and Iron and is a song released by 2AM when they were still a part of Big Hit Entertainment.



Bad Girls- Lee Hyun (feat. GLAM and BTS)

This 2011 album featured Big Hit’s two of the company’s trainees at that time. Jiyeon from GLAM and RM from BTS featured in this particular song. Lee Hyun is still a part of Big Hit Entertainment.



Because I’m A Foolish Woman- Kan Mi Youn (feat. BTS)

This 2011 album features RM, Iron, and Supreme Boi. This is the last song BTS featured as the old line up as Iron left the company and Supreme Boi became a producer for Big Hit instead.




Buckubucku- MFBTY (feat. EE, RM, Dino-J)

MFBTY has always kept an eye out for talented juniors and was surprised at RM’s rapping skills. They continued to work together in the following years.



U- Primary (feat. Kwon Jin Ah and RM)

This 2015 album, although a great song, received controversy as RM was accused of plagiarizing some parts of his rap. RM addressed the issue promptly and owned up to the criticism.



Song Request- Lee Sora (feat. Suga)

Epik High’s Tablo, who was supposed to feature on the track, decided to change the collaboration to Suga and Lee Sora and ended up writing the lyrics for the song instead.




MIC Drop- BTS (feat. Desiigner) [Steve Aoki Remix]

The original for this song released in 2017 and although the feature with Desiigner didn’t make it onto the album, Steve Aoki’s remix version did make it onto Love Yourself: Answer.



Chicken Noodle Soup- J-Hope (feat. Becky G)

These two stars had something in common; their love for this song. They brought together three different cultures for a whole new remake of the song.




Make It Right- BTS (feat. Lauv)

This past October, BTS worked with Lauv for a remix version of “Make it Right.”



SUGA’s Interlude- Halsey and Suga

After collaborating with “Boy With Luv,” Halsey chose to work with Suga for her new album, Manic. She felt that he fit the vibe of her album and praised his work.