Here’s A List Of Items BTS’s Jungkook Has Bought And Tested

Is there anything you’d like to try?

ARMYs have begun making lists of all the items BTS‘s Jungkook has bought himself and tested so that they can buy it for themselves too.


“Kookie’s purchase list: sugar cane, flip phone case, brain study, nose mask”


Here’s a list of things Jungkook has bought and used so far!


Sugar Cane

There were several occasions in which the members mentioned seeing Jungkook actually eating sugar cane.


Flip Phone Case




Nose Mask

Jungkook wore this nose mask during the latest episode of Run! BTS and had fans looking up what it was online. #코마스크 (nose mask) even trended on Twitter in Korea after the show.



Muro Botagon Shoes

These shoes are supposedly able to help with dieting and creating nice body shape.


source: AME3



Wang Ta Toothbrush


Brain Study English


Jijangsa Hanbok


This has become so popular that the brand launched a purple color hanbok for ARMYs as well.


Is there anything on this list that you would like to try out?