These Are IU’s Favorite Scents If You’ve Ever Wondered What She Smells Like

These scents match perfectly with IU!

Have you ever wondered what scents IU loves to use? Here’s some of the body creams and perfumes that IU has mentioned in the past to give you a taste of what she likes!

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IU has revealed that she prefers body creams over perfumes and collects body creams as a hobby. All the mentioned body creams also comes in a perfume version as well.

Body Creams

Jo Malone Lime Basil and Mandarin 175 ml ($86 USD) Signature Lime + Basil + Thyme Citrus Type

It’s been revealed that she has been using this for several years and is often called the ‘Jieun scent’ by her friends.

Acqua Di Parma Gelsomino Nobile 150 g (~$108.76 USD) Mandarin + Tuberose + Jasmine Scented Floral

She’s revealed through live streams that she was totally addicted to this scent (although it seems to be unavailable now).

Acqua Di Parma Peonia Nobile 150 g ($78 USD) Peony + Freesia + Musk scented floral type

Fans believe that she probably switched over to this scent because the above scent is no longer available.


Diptyque Eau Des Sens 50 ml ($106 USD)

This scent is a mixture of citrus+orange+wood which is totally up IU’s alley.

In conclusion, it seems like IU loves anything citrus-scented which totally matches her personality and style!

Source: theqoo


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