Here’s A Look At How (Un)Fair 4MINUTE’s Line Distribution Was Over Their 17 Main Singles

The lines really weren’t distributed evenly at all.

4MINUTE disbanded in 2016, but they were still an iconic group that deserves to be talked about besides member and now-soloist HyunA! They debuted in 2009, so they were active for 7 years and created a lot of great music in that time. But do you know how evenly the members’ lines were distributed? That’s what this article is about! Below are the line percentages for each member in 17 different 4MINUTE singles, and the final graph shows how many lines each member has had in all the songs total. Judge for yourself whether you think things were fair or not.

1. “Hot Issue”

2. “Muzik”

3. “What a Girl Wants”

4. “HuH”

5. “I My Me Mine”

6. “Superstar”

7. “Heart to Heart”

8. “Freestyle”

9. “Volume Up”

10. “What’s Your Name?”

11. “Is It Poppin’?”

12. “Whatcha Doin’ Today”

13. “Thank You :)”

14. “Cold Rain”

15. “Crazy”

16. “Hate”

17. “Canvas”