Here’s A Look At How Fair Apink’s Line Distribution Has Been Over Their 17 Main Singles

Just how fair has their line distribution been over the years?

Apink is one of the current longest-running active girl groups, who are still finding success even after 9 years! While they started out with seven members, they’ve had just 6 for most of their career, which is a pretty good number of members to have to be able to make line distributions fairly even. But just how even are Apink’s lines distributed? Each graph below shows the percentage of lines each member has per song, and the final graph shows each member’s total line percentage from all of the songs. Check it out for yourself!

1. “I Don’t Know”

2. “My My”

3. “Hush”

4. “NoNoNo”

5. “Good Morning Baby”

6. “Mr. Chu”

7. “Luv”

8. “Promise U”

9. “Remember”

10. “The Wave”

11. “‘Cause You’re My Star”

12. “Always”

13. “Five”

14. “Miracle”

15. “I’m So Sick”

16. “%%”

17. “Dumhdurum”