Here’s A Look At How (Un)Fair BTOB’s Line Distribution Has Been Over 16 Of Their Main Singles

Things definitely aren’t that even.

BTOB has been around for quite a while (over 8 years in the industry!) and has created an extensive discography in their time. Over the years, however, their line distribution hasn’t always been the most fair to some of the members, with one in particular seeming to get the short end of the stick oftentimes. Check out the graphs below to see the percentage of lines that each member had in 16 of their main singles, as well as the total percentage each had over all of those songs.

1. “Insane”

2. “Irresistible Lips”

3. “WOW”

4. “2nd Confession”

5. “When I Was Your Man”

6. “Thriller”

7. “Beep Beep”

8. “You Can Cry”

9. “Way Back Home”

10. “Remember That”

11. “Someday”

12. “Movie”

13. “Missing You”

14. “Only One for Me”

15. “Friend”

16. “Beautiful Pain”