Here’s A Look At How Fair CLC’s Line Distribution Has Been Over Their 14 Main Singles

Just how evenly are their lines distributed?

CLC just dropped their newest song, “Helicopter”, which is such a great comeback to see from them after their year-long hiatus! It’s a great time to look back at some of their old songs and check out how evenly their lines were distributed. Each graph looks at the percentage of lines that each member has in all 14 of the group’s singles, and the final graph looks at the total lines that each member has had overall. Keep in mind with the results that Elkie and Eunbin joined the group late, so that impacted their results in particular!

1. “Pepe” (OT7 ver.)

2. “Eighteen”

3. “Like”

4. “High Heels”

5. “No Oh Oh”

6. “Charisma”

7. “Hobgoblin”

8. “Where Are You?”

9. “To The Sky”

10. “Black Dress”

11. “No”

12. “Me”

13. “Devil”

14. “Helicopter”