Here’s A Look At How (Un?)Fair Cosmic Girls’ Line Distribution Has Been Over Their 11 Main Singles

With one member joining late and others busy with side projects, how has Cosmic Girls’ line distribution changed over time?

Cosmic Girls officially has 13 members, though they started with 12 and have had a couple members go on temporary hiatuses due to side projects such as the Chinese version Produce 101 and the group that came out of it, Rocket Girls. With all of these complications, it’s probably not surprising that their line distribution is all over the place, but how fair is it regardless? Check out the graphs below to see how their line distributions have changed over their 11 singles, as well as the line percentage that each member has had in total.

1. “Mo Mo Mo”

2. “Catch Me”

3. “Secret”

4. “I Wish”

5. “Happy”

6. “Dreams Come True”

7. “Save Me, Save You”

8. “La La Love”

9. “Boogie Up”

10. “As You Wish”

11. “Butterfly”


WJSN (Cosmic Girls)