Here’s A Look At How (Un)Fair ONEUS’s Line Distributions Are Over 18 Of Their Songs

One member in particular gets barely any lines at all.

ONEUS debuted in January of 2019, so they’re just about a year and a half old. In that time, they’ve released 4 mini-albums, which is a fair amount for such a young group! However, the line distributions of these songs aren’t the most even, especially since they only have 6 members and it shouldn’t be too difficult to divide them more evenly. The graphs below show the line percentages that each member has in 18 different ONEUS songs, and the final one shows their lines in total over all the songs. Determine for yourself if you think their lines are fair or not!

1. “ZigZag”

2. “Valkyrie”

3. “Red Thread”

4. “Eye Contact”

5. “Hero”

6. “Twilight”

7. “BingBing”

8. “Now”

9. “Plastic Flower”

10. “Lit”

11. “Blue Sky”

12. “Level Up”

13. “A Song Written Easily”

14. “To Be or Not To Be”

15. “Dead or Alive”

16. “Dizzy”

17. “Airplane”

18. “Come Back Home”