Here’s A Look At How Fair Stray Kids’ Line Distributions Are Over Their 19 Main Singles

Could Stray Kids have some of the most even line distributions in K-Pop?

When it comes to large groups in K-Pop, oftentimes some members have a large portion of the lines while others are left with very few. However, this isn’t always the case! Stray Kids, now with 8 members (and 9 members in the past), have a surprisingly even amount of lines throughout their entire discography. While some members get more lines in certain songs than others, it seems to balance out well overall. Check out just how even the members’ line distributions are below!

1. “Hellevator”

2. “District 9”

3. “Mirror”

4. “ROCK”

5. “My Pace”

6. “Voices”

7. “M.I.A”

8. “Insomnia”

9. “Question”

10. “Awkward Silence”

11. “I Am You”

12. “Get Cool”

13. “Miroh”

14. “Victory Song”

15. “19”

16. “Side Effects”

17. “Double Knot”

18. “Astronaut”

19. “Levanter”


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