Here’s A Look At How (Un)Fair T-ARA’s Line Distributions Were Over Their 20 Main Singles

They went through so many changes!

T-ARA first debuted in July of 2009, and though they haven’t officially disbanded, they’ve been on hiatus since January of 2018, with sadly no signs of becoming active again. In their near-decade of being active, however, they came out with a ton of music! They also went through several different member changes, which made an impact on the line distributions of the members. The following charts show the line distributions for 20 of their most well-known singles, as well as a final chart showing the total amount of lines that each member has had over all of them. Whether or not the distributions are fair, you can determine for yourself, but they definitely weren’t even!

1. “Lies”

2. “Bo Peep Bo Peep”

3. “Like the First Time”

4. “I Go Crazy Because Of You”

5. “I’m Really Hurt”

6. “Why Are You Being Like This?”

7. “YaYaYa”

8. “Roly-Poly”

9. “Cry Cry”

10. “Lovey-Dovey”

11. “Day by Day”

12. “Sexy Love”

13. “Number Nine”

14. “Because I Know”

15. “Do You Know Me”

16. “Hide & Seek”

17. “Sugar Free”

18. “So Crazy”

19. “Tiamo”

20. “What’s My Name?”