Here’s A Look At How (Un)Fair WINNER’s Line Distribution Has Been Over Their 14 Singles

In a four-member group, you’d think the lines would be easier to distribute evenly, right?

WINNER has been around for some time, and though they used to be a five-member group, they became a four-member one after Taehyun left in 2016. Even with five members, you would think that the group would have a fairly even line distribution between all of their talented members, but based on the charts below, even with four members, some of them definitely get more lines overall than most! Check out the line distributions of their 14 singles below, as well as the total percentage of lines that each member has had total.

1. “Empty”

2. “Color Ring”

3. “Sentimental”

4. “Baby Baby”

5. “Really Really”

6. “Fool”

7. “Love Me Love Me”

8. “Island”

9. “Everyday”

10. “Millions”

11. “Ah Yeah”

12. “Soso”

13. “Hold”

14. “Remember”