Here’s A Look At How (Un?)Fair NU’EST’s Line Distribution Is Over 13 Main Singles

Some of their songs are definitely more even than others…

NU’EST has been around since their debut in 2012, and in those 8 years they’ve made a pretty extensive discography! With 5 members, making sure each member has about the same number of lines shouldn’t be too difficult, but looking back at their past songs, this wasn’t always the case. There does seem to be a trend of their lines becoming more even in more recent years based on the graphs below, though, so take a look for yourself! Each graph shows the percentage of lines that each member has in each song, and the final graph shows how many lines each member had total in all 13 singles.

1. “Face”

2. “Action”

3. “Hello”

4. “Sleep Talking”

5. “Good Bye Bye”

6. “I’m Bad”

7. “Overcome”

8. “Love Paint”

9. “A Song For You”

10. “Bet Bet”

11. “Love Me”

12. “I’m In Trouble”

13. “Firework”