Here’s A Look At How Insanely Expensive Some Of BTS V’s Clothes Are

You’ll be shocked by how expensive some of these items are.

With their worldwide popularity, it’s no surprise that the BTS members wear some expensive outfits.

During an episode of Mnet‘s TMI News, they took a look at some V’s most expensive clothes. Here’s a look at the things they went over.

1. His flower ring from the “Boy With Luv” music video

While this ring looks like it could be a cute toy, it’s one of the most expensive accessories V has worn. It costs around 1,400,000 KRW (~1,165 USD).

2. The jean jacket from the “Fake Love” music video

Some of the cast members thought this jacket wouldn’t cost that much since it has a lot of rips in it. They were wrong, as this jacket costs around 1,300,000 KRW (~1,081 USD)

3. The jean jacket from the “Boy With Luv” music video

V has worn an even more expensive jean jacket when he was filming for “Boy With Luv”. This jacket costs around 2,400,000 KRW (~1,997 USD).

4. The jacket from the “Fire” music video

This jacket costs the same as 60 grams of gold, as it costs 4,400,000 KRW (~3,661 USD).

5. BTS’s expensive outfits from their 2019 MAMA “Boy With Luv” performance

This performance was full of expensive clothing items, as many of the members were wearing some luxurious clothes.

Jin‘s pink knit sweater costs around 1,200,000 KRW (~998 USD).

Jimin‘s simple cardigan costs around 5,600,000 KRW (~4,660 USD).

V’s fancy red jacket costs around 8,700,000 KRW (~7,240 USD).

Here’s the full video below!