Here’s A Look At Just How (Un)Fair (G)I-DLE’s Line Distributions Are Over Their Entire Discography

Petition to get Shuhua more lines??

Some K-Pop groups are notorious for having uneven line distributions in their songs. While this might be due to some members having more vocal skills than others, or maybe that vocalists get more lines than rappers due to the nature of some groups’ songs, other times the uneven distribution doesn’t seem to make much sense and can seem unfair. (G)I-DLE is, unfortunately, known to have some members that get more lines than others. Check out the graphs below to see the percentage that each member has in their 17 songs, as well as the total percentage each member has in their entire discography so far.


2. “$$$”

3. “Maze”

4. “Don’t Text Me”

5. “What’s In Your House”

6. “Hear Me”

7. “HANN”

8. “Senorita”

9. “What’s Your Name”

10. “Put It Straight”

11. “Give Me Your”

12. “Blow Your Mind”

13. “Uh-Oh”

14. “Lion”

15. “Oh My God”

16. “Luv U”

17. “Maybe”