Here’s A Look At KARD’s Line Distribution Fairness Over Their 15 Main Songs

With four talented members with different skills, how does KARD’s line distribution turn out?

KARD has been around long enough that they have several songs under their belts, both in terms of singles and B-side tracks on their albums. With only 4 members, it might seem like it shouldn’t be too hard to make sure they get an even number of lines in their discography, but they all have different and unique talents, and so the amount of lines each member gets often depends on what kind of song is being produced. This is especially true in comparing rap-heavy versus vocals-heavy songs, since the girls tend to sing more and the boys tend to rap more. So check out the line distributions for each of their 15 main songs below, as well as the total line percentage that each member has had.

1. “Oh NaNa”

(Youngji had 8.6% of the lines in this song)

2. “Don’t Recall”

3. “Rumor”

4. “Hola Hola”

5. “Into You”

6. “You in Me”

7. “Push & Pull”

8. “Ride on the Wind”

9. “Knockin’ on My Heaven’s Door”

10. “Moonlight”

11. “Dímelo”

12. “Bomb Bomb”

13. “Dumb Litty”

14. “Red Moon”

15. “Go Baby”