Here’s A Look At The Social Media Stats Of The 25 Most Popular K-Pop Artists

It’s interesting to see which platforms different artists are most popular on!

A good way to determine a K-Pop artist’s popularity is by how many people follow them. But there are so many different media platforms these days, there are a lot of places to check! It’s also interesting to see how different groups are more or less popular on different platforms — for example, check the difference below between newer and older groups in terms of followers on Facebook! You might notice an interesting observation comparing them on this list of social media stats for 25 popular K-Pop groups.

1. BTS

Instagram followers: 25.44 million

Facebook fans: 10.48 million

Twitter followers: 25.81 million

YouTube subscribers: 29.5 million

Spotify followers: 18.42 million


Instagram followers: 23.35 million

Facebook fans: 5.31 million

Twitter followers: 3.86 million

YouTube subscribers: 35.4 million

Spotify followers: 11.83 million


Instagram followers: 12.62 million

Facebook fans: 2.98 million

Twitter followers: 5.37 million

YouTube subscribers: 7.05 million

Spotify followers: 95.6k

4. EXO

Instagram followers: 7.26 million

Facebook fans: 8.2 million

Twitter followers: 7.91 million

YouTube subscribers: 5.28 million

Spotify followers: 5.6 million

5. GOT7

Instagram followers: 5.38 million

Facebook fans: 4.45 million

Twitter followers: 1.09 million

YouTube subscribers: 15.6 million

Spotify followers: 3.47 million

6. Stray Kids

Instagram followers: 6.54 million

Facebook fans: 587.7k

Twitter followers: 2.26 million

YouTube subscribers: 2.82 million

Spotify followers: 2.04 million

7. Red Velvet

Instagram followers: 8.83 million

Facebook fans: 1.44 million

Twitter followers: 1.56 million

YouTube subscribers: 2.57 million

Spotify followers: 3.33 million

8. Super Junior

Instagram followers: 1.84 million

Facebook fans: 7.74 million

Twitter followers: 900.1k

YouTube subscribers: 1.57 million

Spotify followers: 1.59 million


Instagram followers: 4.06 million

Facebook fans: 822.9k

Twitter followers: 1.32 million

YouTube subscribers: 3.33 million

Spotify followers: 1.8 million

10. NCT 127

Instagram followers: 7.75 million

Facebook fans: 902k

Twitter followers: 3.13 million

YouTube subscribers: 1.68 million

Spotify followers: 2.43 million


Instagram followers: 6.21 million

Facebook fans: 1.03 million

Twitter followers: 5.1 million

YouTube subscribers: 4.78 million

Spotify followers: 340.5k


Instagram followers: 2.38 million

Facebook fans: 194.4k

Twitter followers: 1.08 million

YouTube subscribers: 1.12 million

Spotify followers: 666.6k

13. ITZY

Instagram followers: 4.87 million

Facebook fans: 495.5k

Twitter followers: 1.46 million

YouTube subscribers: 15.6 million

Spotify followers: 677.1k


Instagram followers: 4.55 million

Facebook fans: 1.38 million

Twitter followers: 3.7 million

YouTube subscribers: 1.43 million

Spotify followers: 2.44 million

15. SF9

Instagram followers: 713.2k

Facebook fans: 259.8k

Twitter followers: 578.7k

YouTube subscribers: 562k

Spotify followers: 842.5k


Instagram followers: 2.58 million

Facebook fans: 651.2k

Twitter followers: 2.06 million

YouTube subscribers: 2.41 million

Spotify followers: 901.7k

17. (G)I-DLE

Instagram followers: 4.61 million

Facebook fans: 296.9k

Twitter followers: 730.8k

YouTube subscribers: 2.1 million

Spotify followers: 1.44 million


Instagram followers: 1.29 million

Facebook fans: 14.4k

Twitter followers: 312.1k

YouTube subscribers: 958k

Spotify followers: 410.8k


Instagram followers: 1.53 million

Facebook fans: 242.7k

Twitter followers: 828.5k

YouTube subscribers: 1.1 million

20. IZ*ONE

Instagram followers: 1.8 million

Facebook fans: 350.8k

Twitter followers: 906.2k

YouTube subscribers: 1.67 million

Spotify followers: 477.7k


Instagram followers: 3.02 million

Facebook fans: 484k

Twitter followers: 1.08 million

YouTube subscribers: 1.4 million

Spotify followers: 793.3k

22. Girls’ Generation

Instagram followers: 918.3k

Facebook fans: 7.09 million

Twitter followers: 3.56 million

YouTube subscribers: 2.07 million

Spotify followers: 1.52 million


Instagram followers: 742.8k

Facebook fans: 10.62 million

Twitter followers: 8.78 million

YouTube subscribers: 12.3 million

Spotify followers: 35.5k


Instagram followers: 2.28 million

Facebook fans: 824.9k

Twitter followers: 265.1k

Spotify followers: 1.71 million


Instagram followers: 1.01 million

Facebook fans: 122.5k

Twitter followers: 466.2k

YouTube subscribers: 1.02 million

Spotify followers: 671.4k