Here’s A Look At How (Un)Fair Dreamcatcher’s Line Distribution Is Over 22 Of Their Songs

They’re all so talented, you’d think their lines might be a bit more even.

Dreamcatcher officially debuted in 2017 with the current members that they have now. In the 3 years that they’ve been together, they’ve produced a pretty extensive discography! With 7 members, it’s probably a bit tricky to make sure everyone gets their fair share of lines, but if you look at the graphs of 22 of their songs below, you’ll likely notice some trends of some members getting more lines than others on a regular basis. The final graph shows the total percentage of lines that each member has throughout the 22 songs. So check them out for yourself, and see if you think they’re fair even though they’re not even!

1. “Chase Me”

2. “Good Night”

3. “Fly High”

4. “Sleep-Walking”

5. “Full Moon”

6. “You and I”

7. “Mayday”

8. “What”

9. “Wonderland”

10. “Over the Sky”

11. “Piri”

12. “Deja Vu”

13. “Silent Night”

14. “Polaris”

15. “Scream”

16. “Red Sun”

17. “Black or White”

18. “Sahara”

19. “In the Frozen”

20. “Full Moon”

21. “Boca”

22. “Break the Wall”