Here’s A Master List Of 50 Food-Related K-Pop Songs To Make You Hungry AF

Watch these at your own risk!

Food-themed songs aren’t super common in K-Pop, but there might be more of them in the genre than you think! This is a master list compiled of 50 of the more well-known K-Pop songs that have some kind of food or drink related concept or title. Watch them at your own risk if you’re hungry!

1. “Sugar Free” by T-ARA

2. “#CookieJar” by Red Velvet

3. “Candy Pop” by TWICE

4. “Apple Pie” by FIESTAR

5. “Chocolate” by AOA

6. “Hot Potato” by N.Flying

7. “Chocolate Love” by Girls’ Generation

8. “Lollipop” by BIGBANG and 2NE1

9. “Candy Jelly Love” by Lovelyz

10. “Love Cherry Motion” by Choerry

11. “Ice Cream” by HyunA

12. “Jelly Jelly” by TWICE

13. “Dream Candy” by APRIL

14. “Banana Allergy Monkey” by OH MY GIRL BANHANA

15. “Chococo” by Gugudan

16. “Candyland” by UP10TION

17. “Little Apple” by T-ARA

18. “Tough Cookie” by Zico

19. “Milkshake” by Orange Caramel

20. “Candy” by H.O.T

21. “Chocolate Cream” by Laysha

22. “Banana” by G.Na

23. “Honey” by KARA

24. “Cherry Bomb” by NCT 127

25. “Apple” by Gain

26. “Ice Cream Cake” by Red Velvet

27. “Cream” by EXID

28. “Cherry Pop” by AOA

29. “Candy” by Samuel

30. “Sugar Sugar” by LABOUM

31. “Strawberry” by Subin

32. “Jelly” by Jeon Soyeon

33. “Chocolate Love” by f(x)

34. “Lollipop” by IMFACT

35. “Hot Sugar” by TURBO

36. “Sour Grapes” by San E and MadClown

37. “Marshmallow” by IU

38. “Honey” by Girls’ Generation

39. “Chewing Gum” by NCT Dream

40. “I’m Jelly Baby” by AOA Cream

41. “Sugar Baby” by SONAMOO

42. “Chocolate” by MAX

43. “Candy” by Baekhyun

44. “Pink Lemonade” by TWICE

45. “Blue Orangeade” by TXT

46. “Sunny Side Up” by Red Velvet

47. “Coffee” by BTS

48. “Bon Bon Chocolat” by EVERGLOW

49. “Cherry” by ITZY

50. “Candy Boy” by TWICE