Here’s How Each Member Of MAMAMOO Was Discovered And Signed To RBW Entertainment

Here’s how they came together as a group.

MAMAMOO are made of 4 very talented members that share an insane chemistry together as a group. Together, they’ve worked to be model representatives of multiple talents, and continue to wow with all they have to offer as idols! Here is how each member of MAMAMOO was discovered and signed to RBW Entertainment.

1. Solar

Solar is the oldest member, leader and main vocalist of the group!

In 2010, when she was 20, she was originally training to be a flight attendant, and one day, stopped to sign up for a free gift. In order to get the gift, she had to sing for it, and that was when an RBW Entertainment (formerly WA Entertainment) representative noticed her talent, and after a successful audition, signed her up to be trainee in 2011!

After being scouted, she attended Modern K Music Academy University. Solar trained for around 3 years, specializing in vocals, and then subsequently made her debut with MAMAMOO in 2014.


2. Moonbyul

Moonbyul is the second oldest member, and fills the position of main rapper and main dancer!

Moonbyul actually has a long history of music training. She auditioned for multiple agencies, and made it into quite a few them! Moonbyul and fellow member Wheein were even in the same agency together before joining RBW Ent, where Moonbyul was the leader and Wheein was the maknae. But the group only lasted a week before they all went they separate ways.

She then auditioned for RBW Entertainment, and successfully entered the company as the last trainee among the 4 members of MAMAMOO, a month after Solar did. After joining the agency, she attended the Paekche Institute of the Arts for media, music and vocals. As a trainee, she first trained in vocals, later switching to rap because Solar suggested she might do well in that field. 3 years of training later, she made her debut as the main rapper and main dancer of MAMAMOO in 2014!


3. Wheein

Wheein is the lead vocalist and lead dancer of the group!

Like Moonbyul, Wheein also has trainee experience prior to RBW Entertainment. One of the known agencies she trained at is MBK Entertainment. She also met fellow member Moonbyul at another agency previously, where they both were part of the same trainee team that sadly lasted only a week.

Wheein and Hwasa have known each other since middle school, and both harbored similar dreams of being singers. They both moved from Jeonju to Seoul together, and after training at different agencies for a while, both ended up in RBW Entertainment as the first 2 trainees of MAMAMOO in 2011. After entering the agency, Wheein attended J Music Vocal Academy. Wheein also trained for 3 years, and debuted with MAMAMOO in 2014.


4. Hwasa

Hwasa is the lead vocalist, lead rapper and maknae of the group!

Hwasa and Wheein were close friends from their middle school days. The two soon moved to Seoul together from Jeonju to pursue their dreams of being singers. Wheein trained at different agencies, and Hwasa did the same, while also recording guide vocals for 4MINUTE.

In 2011, Hwasa and Wheein managed to join RBW Ent as trainees together, and became the first 2 of MAMAMOO to join the agency.  Hwasa trained for 3 years alongside the other 2 members, specializing in vocals and rap, and ultimately debuted as the lead rapper, lead vocalist and maknae of MAMAMOO in 2014!

Source: Youtube, South China Morning Post and South China Morning Post