Here’s What Each Member Of Red Velvet Looks Like Without Any Makeup

Truly visual goddesses!

SM Entertainment is known for having some of the best visuals. Every group seems to be made up of stunning individuals and Red Velvet is no exception. The girls have captured hearts with their music and their extreme beauty. While we all know how beautiful they are with makeup on, it may come as a surprise that they are equally gorgeous without makeup on. Seriously, do these girls even have flaws?


1. Irene

Irene is the official visual of the group and her perfect looks have always amazed fans. When she wears makeup it’s always just the right amount to highlight her stunning features.


There’s no doubt that Irene is stunning with makeup but without any on she is equally as amazing. Her ethereal beauty knows no bounds!


2. Joy

This idol brings some joy with her lovely looks. She’s most likely to change up her lip color and every color seems to suit her cupid’s bow lips. No wonder she’s called Joy!


She may like to change up her lip color but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t look absolutely fantastic without anything on at all! Just look at her, she’s exquisite!


3. Wendy

Each member has their own unique style and beauty. Wendy likes to play with her eye-makeup to draw attention to her dazzling eyes. Her particular beauty leaves fans breathless.


Even without any makeup on Wendy is still undeniably beautiful and her eyes still give off their own sparkle that fans can fall in love with.


4. Seulgi

Red Velvet is just full of visual goddesses! Seulgi has tried many different looks and she can pull off all of them. Although many fans have fallen in look with this vampy look.


Seulgi can easily pull off any makeup look but she can also pull off the bare-faced look with grace. She truly is beautiful!


5. Yeri

Yeri likes to go for more natural makeup looks that complement her bright and lovely features.


But when she’s spotted without any makeup on at all, fans go absolutely crazy. This girl is a true visual goddess!

Red Velvet

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