Here’s Why Each Member Of Red Velvet Is Precious In Their Own Way

While it would be hard to resist falling in love with a group like Red Velvet, here are more reasons why you should stan’em!

Red Velvet has taken over K-Pop with the group’s unique vibe. Consisting of five girls who are all different and precious in their own ways, Red Velvet is truly something else. While it would be hard not to fall in love with such a group, we’ve thrown together a list of some of the many reasons why we appreciate Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, and Yeri.


1. Irene the Ice Princess

Irene can seem a little distant at first, because she is shy around strangers. In front of people she doesn’t know, she doesn’t even smile much. Because of this, Joy was scared of Irene when the two first met.

Of course, with time, Irene will open her heart up and become a completely different person who likes to fool around, have fun, and laugh.

Fans call her the “Ice Princess (얼음공주)” because when she’s not smiling, Irene can seem very cynical. At the same time, fans appreciate her smile that is warm enough to glow up an entire room and melt everyone’s hearts. This huge difference between a smiling Irene and a non-smiling Irene has become actually charming for a lot of fans.

Irene is sensitive, but strong. She doesn’t cry often – and when she does, she knows how to calm herself and get her feelings under control. As the “Unnie (언니, older female)” of the group, Irene is dependable, reliable, and trustworthy. She takes care of her teammates, not only because she is the leader, but also because she is a caring friend in general.

A little cute quirk about Irene is that she is an “Iron Fairy (다리미 요정)”. Through several TV programs, Irene mentioned she likes to do the laundry and iron shirts. When Joy was still a high school student, Irene would iron Joy’s school uniform shirt. Fans believe she would have done the same for Yeri too!


2. Seulgi the Teddy Bear

Seulgi may argue all she wants and say she’s the charismatic member of the group, but her teammates and fans know alike that she’s just a big fluffy teddy bear! Contrary to her fierce visual, Seulgi is a nice girl with a big heart who is friendly to everyone and silly around her friends.

Low key, Seulgi knows she’s a bear. In her signature, she always includes a teddy bear. Whether she knows it or not, Seulgi is in touch with her inner spirit animal and really, what could be more adorable?

Seulgi is the only artist under the management of SM Entertainment to have single eyelids. This unique trait, and a gorgeous one, makes her stand out in an industry where large eyes with double eyelids have become an unwritten standard. Seulgi herself has said she likes her eyes the way they are – and fans absolutely love this ball of confidence.

Seulgi’s fellow Red Velvet teammates have officially labelled her the “No-Jam (노잼, not funny)” character. When she kept showing off her strange dance on TV programs, other members pointed out she’s simply not the funny type. Of course, this quirky side of Seulgi can make anyone smile for sure.

Spotted in many of her photos and videos is Pringles. Seulgi must be addicted to these potato chip snacks, as she’s seen chomping on them all the time. Pringles knows about Seulgi, and has even tweeted about her, twice! If Winnie the Pooh has its pot of honey, Seulgi the Bear has her stack of Pringles.


3. Wendy the Talented Friend

Wendy‘s father named her “Wendy” which means “a friend who helps”. Growing up with an English name that is based on kindness, Wendy has become someone who is a good friend to all.

Wendy is a well-rounded, talented member and it would be hard not to be attracted to her. She can sing, rap, dance, play the piano, guitar, and other instruments. With so much musical talent, Wendy is the leading vocalist of Red Velvet and fans love her empowering voice throughout the group’s songs.

Wendy is also the next “Beagle-dol (비글돌)” in line to take over the K-Pop world with her beagl-iness. She isn’t afraid to let go of herself, show her most natural self in front of the camera, and have a good laugh about how silly she is. This carefree spirit of Wendy’s has charmed so many fans. When teamed up with Joy, Wendy is one of the funniest members of Red Velvet!

Wendy has this thing with her eye: She winks when she’s laughing and it drives her fans crazy. It’s a “get a smile, get a wink free” deal and frankly the cutest thing ever.


4. Joy the Giant Apple

Joy may be the tallest member of the group, but she is one of the two babies of this group.

Joy is actually such a fangirl for her own teammates. She especially loves the “Maknae (막내, youngest)” member Yeri, and looks up to the older members. She mentioned Wendy’s solo being her favorite song.

Members appreciate Joy because she can also be mature and act as an adult figure who listens to their problems and talk to them about solutions. She is the bridge that connects member to member and the glue that holds the team together.

Visual wise, we love Joy because she has the fruity freshness that is so appealing. Joy actually knows that she’s one of the three “fruits” of SM Entertainment: Tiffany the Plum, Sulli the Peach, and Joy the Green Apple. As strange as it is to be comparing these girls to fruits, fans can’t help but admit that there is something very “green apple-y” about Joy.

Joy’s nickname, by an “unnie” from the training team, is “Doongdoong (둥둥)”. Joy explained it playfully teases Joy’s chubby cheeks. While Joy doesn’t quite have any cheeks to be called chubby, something about the nickname fits her so well!


5. Yeri the Maknae

Yeri is playful, like a typical maknae, and gets along with not only her Red Velvet unnies, but also other groups. With her bright personality and good vibes, Yeri is popular among SM Entertainment artists and appears frequently on other stars’ social media pictures!

Fans love the out-of-this-world level of confidence that Yeri has. On a radio interview, Yeri said she is “a presence that Red Velvet cannot do without” and fans couldn’t help but completely agree! The episode of Knowing Bros where Yeri comes out is one of the fan favorites of her glowing with her overly confident personality that is too cute.

Because of her wild and free personality, she has taken throne as the queen of memes. There are so many Yeri memes, with the craziest and funniest things she says on camera.

Of course, as bright and fun she is, Yeri is actually a softie at heart. Because she’s so energetic all the time, she said she gets a lot of hate when she stops smiling for one second. When she teared up about this dilemma of hers, it broke a lot of fans’ hearts.

Yeri is now one of the three Squirtles in the Korean entertainment business, following actress Ha Yeon Soo and MAMAMOO‘s Solar.

Source: Namu Wiki

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