Here’s Why Each Member Of TWICE Is Precious In Their Own Way

This is why they’re Asia’s top girl group!

TWICE is undoubtedly the top girl group in K-Pop right now. Despite having nine girls in the group, each and every member is unique and charming in their own way, earning them fans all over the world.

Despite their incredibly packed schedules, TWICE has continued to stay in contact with fans through social media and constantly update ONCE with great content. They shine like no other group when they’re together thanks to the beauty, talent, and charm of each and every individual member.

1. Nayeon the Fake Maknae (and Ace)

Although she’s the group’s eldest member, Nayeon is constantly mistaken as the group’s youngest member due to her bright energy and babyface looks. She’s known as the queen of aegyo and acrostic poems among the group – mainly because she loves to combine the two!

Nayeon is also TWICE’s “Ace” member: not only is she a lead vocal, but she’s also a talented dancer, a natural MC, and variety show scene-stealer! With her bright personality, refreshing visuals, and incredible “sense,” there’s no wonder many fans believe she’s the ideal idol.

Despite her silly antics, Nayeon is perhaps one of the most down-to-earth idols in the industry – she’s not afraid to share her deepest feelings with ONCE! At TWICE’s recent concert TWICELAND Zone 2: Fantasy Park, she spoke about her hopes and concerns regarding her career and the endless support from the staff and fans.


2. Jeongyeon the Angel

Jeongyeon has proven time and time again that she’s the motherly figure in TWICE. She’s always taking care of her fellow group members and has taken the responsibility of cleaning the dorm as well. And while she has taken part in her fair share of teasing, Jeongyeon will always be TWICE’s rock.

And just as she is with her group members, Jeongyeon truly cares for and looks out for her fans. At TWICE’s recent TWICELAND concert, she emphasized her desire to make ONCEs happy and the response she received was overwhelming.

Although Jeongyeon might be most recognizable to non-fans for being the member in TWICE with short hair, she recently started growing out her hair and proved once again that she can truly pull off any look.


3. Momo the Dancing Queen

Momo has been recognized by both fans and other idols as on of the best dancers in all of K-Pop, but she’s a lot more than just a dancer. In contrast to her powerful dancing and graceful movements, Momo is actually an adorable sweetheart.

Momo is known for her love of food – especially jokbak (pig’s feet). While Momo discussed the hardships of dieting as an idol, the look of joy on her face when she’s eating delicious food is absolutely priceless!

On top of everything, Momo is known for being one of the hardest-working idols in the industry. In addition to being a naturally talented dancer, Momo is known for staying late after practices and she was brought back after being eliminated in SIXTEEN by the staff members who felt she was indispensable to the group.


4. Sana the Shiba

Everyone knows Sana from her legendary “sha sha sha ” aegyo, but she’s much, much more than that. Aside from being the queen of viral aegyo (which also includes her cheese kimbap aegyo), Sana is also the most physically affectionate member in TWICE.

Sana is not only the queen of fanservice, but the queen of fans in general. The embodiment of cuteness, Sana even has her own vocabulary words, such as calling ONCE her “shushu.”

Anyone who’s been lucky enough to have looked into Sana’s eyes know how much she loves and appreciates her fans. During TWICELAND Zone 2: Fantasy Park, Sana discussed the love between TWICE and ONCE and revealed how she felt.


5. Jihyo the God

Affectionately dubbed “God Jihyo,” TWICE’s leader is nothing short of a living legend. Having trained for ten years before making her debut with TWICE, Jihyo has undoubtedly earned every bit of her current success.

Although she is the group’s main vocalist, Jihyo was unanimously selected by the members as TWICE’s leader because of her maturity and leadership ability. Always putting her members ahead of herself, Jihyo has proven herrself as one of the most selfless and caring leaders in all of K-Pop.

And through all her hardships and success, Jihyo has stayed as humble as ever. Understanding how loved she is by her family, friends, and fans, Jihyo could not hold back her tears at TWICE’s latest concert.


6. Mina the Black Swan (and Penguin)

Ever since she made her first on-screen appearance on TWICE’s pre-debut survival show SIXTEEN, it was clear that there was something special about Mina.

Dubbed TWICE’s “Black Swan” for her graceful and mysterious aura, Mina brings a unique color to TWICE’s image. Known for. being quite a homebody, Mina is usually the quietest and shyest members of TWICE (despite being from Texas!).

But time and time again, Mina has proven that she is also one of the warmest girls anyone could ever meet, with a gummy smile that can light up the world.


7. Dahyun the Dubu

Dahyun‘s nickname “dubu” (tofu) originated from her flawless complexion, but she’s since taken the name to a whole new level. One of the youngest members of TWICE, Dahyun is always full of energy and her silly personality will make anyone fall in love.

Dahyun’s face is super expressive, and she knows how to use subtle facial expressions to charm just about anyone! She’s also known for having the uncanny ability of spotting any cameras focused on her, no matter the time or place.

And at TWICELAND Zone 2: Fantasy Park, Dahyun did what only Dahyun could do: she performed her the concert’s only solo stage “Dahyunism” (a cover of “Rainism”)!

8. Chaeyoung the Strawberry Princess

Despite her young age, TWICE’s lead rapper Chaeyoung has a soul of a true artist. While many girls her age indulge fan fangirling, Chaeyoung is a fan of canvass art, foreign films, and vintage shopping.And while she’s even been praised by the likes of San E for her natural rapping talent, she’s also proven herself as a skilled vocalist as well.

In her most recent V-Live stream, Chaeyoung decided to plant some flowers and strawberries with her fellow group member and classmate Tzuyu. What a unique and adorable idea!

At the recent TWICELAND concerts, Chaeyoung surprised fans with a more mature image! She proved she could pull off anything she sets her mind to!


9. Tzuyu the Princess

youngest member Tzuyu went viral when she debuted to her incredible beauty – and she’s only become even more beautiful since! But she’s a lot more than just a pretty face!

Among the members, Tzuyu has arguably made the most improvement in her singing. And while she’s still learning to improve her Korean, Tzuyu is also learning Japanese as TWICE continues to dominate in Japan.

Tzuyu is known for being very strong emotionally and rarely shedding tears, but even she couldn’t hold back and let the tears roll during the conclusion of TWICELAND.