Here’s How Much It Costs To Be As Chic As TWICE In Their “Perfect World” Music Video

If you’re looking for affordable, this is NOT the place.

TWICE has just made a stunning Japanese comeback with “Perfect World!” They truly took our breath away with the rough beat and sophisticated outfits. But how much did those outfits cost?

Here’s how much it costs to dress as chic as 5 of the members of TWICE!

1. Jihyo

Jihyo is ready for the red carpet with her Chanel earrings and Alessandra Rich dress making her look like royalty. And she might as well be with the price of $2,805 USD!

2. Nayeon

Nayeon gives off a sophisticated yet playful look in her Jessica Rabbit-esque Secret Dress from Sleep Over Sleep.  This entire look costs $6,620 USD, with most of it being the necklaces!

3. Jeongyeon

Jeongyeon looks amazing in her checkered ensemble giving her a mature look. This outfit costs a whopping $2,209 USD!

4. Mina

Mina is ready for business in her checkers and tweed! Just like Nayeon in a Sleep Over Sleep dress with Chanel accents, this ensemble costs a jaw-dropping $7,790 USD!

5. Tzuyu

Finally, Tzuyu looks stunning in her show-stopping Bridal Kong couture dress! Hers is by far the most expensive costing a shocking $28,284!

Source: @jypetwiceclothess, @twicewear and TWICE/YouTube