Here’s How Much It Costs To Dress Like BTS’s J-Hope In His Weverse Magazine Photoshoot

Prices range from $25 to $850 USD!

BTS‘s J-Hope is no stranger to creating memorable looks, and his Weverse Magazine photoshoot will definitely go down in history as one of his best looks!

| LESS/Weverse Magazine

Here’s how much it would cost to recreate J-Hope’s outfit as seen in Weverse Magazine!

1. JOSHUA SANDERS Smiley Black Sweater

J-Hope’s cashmere sweater is from Italian luxury footwear brand, JOSHUA SANDERS. The Smiley Black Sweater totally fits J-Hope’s signature “Hobicore” aesthetic, and it’s available on the JOSHUA SANDERS website for $230 USD.

| LESS/Weverse Magazine & JOSHUA SANDERS

2. DOUBLE LOVERS CHEEK (Blood Pink Tint) Sunglasses

J-Hope’s sunglasses are from Korean eyewear brand, DOUBLE LOVERS. He’s wearing the CHEEK sunglasses with a blood pink tint. These rimless sunglasses make J-Hope’s eyes pop, and they’re available on the DOUBLE LOVERS site for $138 USD.

| LESS/Weverse Magazine & DOUBLE LOVERS

3. Amiri Drawstring Boxing Shorts

J-Hope’s drawstring boxing shorts are from American fashion house, Amiri, which is known for its rocker aesthetic. These shorts were originally priced at $850 USD, but they were available for $255 USD on the Saks Fifth Avenue website before they sold out.

| LESS/Weverse Magazine & Saks Fifth Avenue

4. HUMAN MADE Polar Bear Ring

No J-Hope outfit is complete without accessories! His polar bear ring is from Japanese fashion brand, HUMAN MADE. This ring costs $25 USD, and it’s the most affordable item J-Hope rocked during his Weverse Magazine shoot! The polar ring was available on Bodega, but it is currently out of stock.

| LESS/Weverse Magazine & @btscloset___/Instagram

5. Air Jordan 1 KO Chicago

Finishing out J-Hope’s Weverse Magazine look is a pair of Air Jordan 1 KO Chicago sneakers by Nike. These shoes were released on May 12, 2021 and cost $145 USD. Air Jordans sell out notoriously fast, so it’s difficult to find them in stock in stores and online. Sneakerheads bid on the Air Jordan 1 KO Chicago online and pay up to $400 for these shoes, which is far above the original retail price!

| LESS/Weverse Magazine & @btscloset___/Instagram

Source: Image (1) and (2) and Instagram