Here’s A Quick Guide To Aespa’s “Ae” Concept, Explained By Aespa Themselves

Not sure how aespa’s AI concept works? Here’s their explanation!

Aespa‘s concept has caught audience’s attention thanks to its complex and detailed story. From “KWANGYA” to “KOSMO,” there’s many levels to aespa’s sci-fi concept that might be confusing or even daunting to someone just tuning in for the first time! Luckily for us, aespa gave a quick rundown of how their alter-egos operate in the SM Entertainment Culture Universe (SMCU).

Winter, Ningning, Giselle, and Karina. | @aespa_official/Twitter

1. Ae

KarinaGiselleWinter, and Ningning are the four members that make up aespa. Each of them have an alter-ego, or an “ae,” known as ae-Karina, ae-Giselle, ae-Winter, and ae-Ningning!

ae-Giselle, ae-Karina, ae-Winter, and ae-Ningning. | aespa/YouTube 


The ae are essentially aespa’s virtual avatars, and they live in a virtual world known as the FLAT.

| aespa/YouTube 


The more that aespa communicate with their ae, the higher their SYNK level grows. This is why you can occasionally see aespa communicating with their ae in their music videos!

| aespa/YouTube 

As we share our thoughts and feelings, the SYNK level with ae increases. First, by using texts. Then, progressing to sounds. Our relationship gradually develops.

— Karina


Aespa’s interactions with ae-aespa aren’t limited to the virtual world, though! Once they reach a high enough SYNK level, ae are able to enter the real world through a process known as REKALL.

| aespa/YouTube 

5. Aespa vs ae-aespa

Ae are created through the online data collected about a single person. Therefore, it’s a given that there are similarities between aespa and ae-aespa! Giselle and ae-Giselle, for example, both like to rap.

| aespa/YouTube 

However, there are a few differences between them. One example, according to Karina, is that ae-Karina “doesn’t make mistakes,” while Karina sometimes does.

ae-Karina doesn’t make mistakes. But I can make mistakes. To share an episode, I once performed in a Catwoman costume. […] And my arm got stuck in the headband. […] But ae-Karina wouldn’t make that mistake. So I actually envy her.

— Karina

| aespa/YouTube 

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