Here’s The Story Of How These 5 Married Korean Celebrity Couples Got Together

Number 5 had a unique first interaction.

Married Korean celebrity couples are quite common, as plenty of celebrities end up getting married to each other. Some might be curious on how some of these couples got together, so here’s the story of how these 5 celebrity couples got paired up.

1. Park Ha Sun & Ryu Soo Young

These two first met when they were castmates on the K-Drama Two Weeks. Though, the two didn’t have any feelings for each other in the beginning.

It wasn’t until a year after Two Weeks concluded that the two started to become close to each other. It began when Park Ha Sun happened to be near where Ryu Soo Young was working. The two decided to grab some tea together.

On his way to meet Park Ha Sun, Ryu Soo Young couldn’t help but feel that it was like a date, and his heart immediately started racing.

When Ryu Soo Young saw Park Ha Sun, he was just stunned by her beauty.

After their meeting together, Ryu Soo Young decided to take action and ask Park Ha Sun on another date, this time to go hiking.

During the hike, Ryu Soo Young decided to get a little brave and held Park Ha Sun’s hand. When she didn’t let go, this is when he knew that they were officially a couple.

Ryu Soo Young also knew that Park Ha Sun was the one when she playfully pushed him during a kiss attempt.

Ryu Soo Young also shared a little of how he eventually proposed to Park Ha Sun.

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2. Kim Tae Hee & Rain (Jung Ji Hoon)

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The List took a brief look at the history between Rain and Kim Tae Hee and found that the two first met during a CF.

The two eventually grew feelings for each other and started their relationship. Even when Rain went to the military, their relationship never wavered.

After Rain was discharged, the two started enjoying activities as a couple.

Rain would eventually propose to Kim Tae Hee in one of the most unique ways.

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3. Taeyang (BIGBANG) & Min Hyo Rin

These two first met when Min Hyo Rin was a guest on one of Taeyang’s music videos.

G-Dragon was the one who recommended Min Hyo Rin, as he felt that she would be great for Taeyang’s music video.

These two would eventually develop feelings for each other and began dating the same year they met.

Taeyang has had many sweet moments dedicated to Min Hyo Rin, such as when he said that “Eyes, Nose, Lips” was a song dedicated to her.

After a few years of dating, the two got married right before Taeyang enlisted into the military.

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4. Jo Jung Suk & Gummy

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Jo Jung Suk and Gummy first met through a mutual friend. The two immediately hit it off together, as they shared a common interest in music. The two eventually confessed their feelings for each other and became a couple. On an episode of Life Bar, Gummy shared some more personal details about their relationship.

The two ended up dating for 5 years before getting married and had a heartwarming reason why they decided to wait so long.

After getting married, Gummy began to have a newfound appreciation for marriage.

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5. Eric (SHINHWA) & Na Hye Mi

These two had an interesting first interaction, as Eric was the one who contacted Na Hye Mi first, but unexpectedly.

The two originally saw each other as close friends, but it eventually developed into a relationship.

It also seems that Eric fell in love at first sight, as the reason he contacted her was that he was swooned by a photo of her in a magazine.

Eric also had a unique way of proposing to Na Hye Mi, as he decided to do it when she was in an angry mood.

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