Here’s A Surefire Way To “Trigger” GOT7’s Jackson (Seriously, Don’t Do It!)

Jackson doesn’t like talking about this!

GOT7‘s Jackson is a pretty laid back person and isn’t someone that gets triggered easily.

However, there is one thing that “triggers” Jackson quite a bit.

That is, when Jackson’s iconic hair from “Stop Stop It” is mentioned or shown, he can get a little triggered.

A YouTube channel by the name of “Just whatever infires man” compiled some moments when Jackson talked about his hair from that era. Here’s a list of some moments when Jackson got “triggered” due to his past hairstyle.

1. Asking for all evidence to get deleted

Some fans once were commenting some pictures of Jackson’s hairstyle from “Stop Stop It”, and he had to ask the fans to stop, as he didn’t like being reminded of that time.


2. His memory of the hairstyle

Jackson disliked this hairstyle so much that he refers to it as an “incident”.


3. What he thinks it looks like

Whenever Jackson thinks back on his hairstyle from that era, he thinks he looks like a vegetable.



There are more moments in the full video below!