Here’s What The Top 60 Contestants From PD 101 Season 2 Are Doing These Days

What happened to everyone from PD 101 Season 2?

It’s been almost 6 months since Produce 101 Season 2 ended and fans are curious to know where the Top 60 trainees are now.

Let’s head back to when the Top 60 trainees participated in the Position Battles for rap, dance, and vocal.

Amazing Kiss Team (Vocal)

1. Seo Sunghyuk

Seo Sunghyuk was well-known for his vocal skills and jumped from 95th place all the way up to 19th by the end of the show. He debuted with RAINZ, a temporary group with 6 other Produce 101 trainees.

2. Yoon Heeseok

This Jellyfish trainee was known for his sweet voice and being a look-a-like of labelmate VIXX‘s N. Yoon Heeseok’s time as a Jellyfish trainee has come to an end as he has decided forgo the path of a celebrity and become a regular student.

3. Lee Gunhee

Lee Gunhee is famous for his fresh voice & reminding people of Olaf from “Frozen”. He’s currently preparing for his debut in RBW‘s show RBW Trainees Real Life <I Will Debut>.

4. Jung Dongsoo

Jung Dongsoo debuted prior to Produce 101 as a member of duo AA with fellow trainee Nam Donghyung. He has returned to promoting with AA under the stage name Arkay.

Boys & Girls Team (Rap)

5. Kim Dongbin

This cutie with many charms is still training under Kiwi Media Group and even walked the runway during the 2018 S/S Seoul Fashion Week.

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6. Kim Donghyun

The Brand New Music trainee signed an exclusive contract with the company and debuted in the project unit MXM with fellow Produce 101 contestant Im Youngmin.

7. Im Youngmin

The other half of MXM made it all the way to the finale but failed to make it into Wanna One. It looks like he’s happy making music with Kim Donghyun as they wait for the other two Brand New Music boys to finish up their Wanna One promotions.

Shape of You Team (Dance)

8. Kim Donghan

This trainee fooled everyone about his age with how mature he is on stage! Kim Donghan made his debut recently with JBJ, a project group put together by loyal fans of Produce 101.

9. Kim Taedong

This trainee was also meant to be a member of JBJ, however due to issues with his management Major 9 (formerly The Vibe Label) he is currently unable to debut with the other JBJ members. He has updated fans saying he is still dreaming of being a singer, and JBJ still thinks of him as a member of the group.

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10. Noh Taehyun

Noh Taehyun debuted in 2014 with HOTSHOT as Kid Monster, and is currently promoting as the leader of JBJ.

11. Park Sungwoo

Known for being the oldest Produce 101 trainee, Park Sungwoo was cast as the lead actor in web drama The Omniscient Viewpoint on Crushes Season 4.

12. Lee Junwoo

This trainee’s claim to fame was his “tatata” moment during the “Pick Me” evaluations. He recently graduated from Hanlim Multi Art School, and is still a trainee at FENT Entertainment.

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13. Justin

Justin gained popularity for his naturally cute stage manner & stylish clothes. He is still training at Yuehua Entertainment with the other ‘Yuehua Sprouts’ and will be competing on China’s idol survival program Idol Producer.

Get Ugly Team (Dance)

14. Kang Daniel

When fans think of Kang Daniel, they automatically associate the number 1 with him. The nation’s pick is busy promoting as the center of Wanna One.

15. Kim Samuel

Kim Samuel is one of two members of the Get Ugly team who didn’t make it into Wanna One, but successfully debuted this summer as a soloist under Brave Entertainment.

16. Park Woojin

This Brand New Music trainee successfully finished as 6th and is the charismatic and cute rapper of Wanna One.

17. Park Jihoon

This ‘wink boy’ showed just how cool he can be on stage, and plays a huge role as visual in Wanna One.

18. Ong Seongwoo

Funny, cute, talented, it’s no wonder that Ong Seongwoo finished Produce 101 in 4th place. You can see just how funny he is on recent episodes of MasterKey!

19. Ahn Hyungseob

Ahn Hyungseob is the other member of the Get Ugly team that didn’t make Wanna One. However, he’s been busy with his web drama Drama Inspector and a unit group with fellow Yuehua trainee Lee Euiwoong.

Pop Team (Dance)

20. Kim Sangbin

Kim Sangbin‘s claims to fame were his powerful rap and similar looks to BIGBANG‘s Daesung. He debuted this month under the name BIL with the song “Juicy”.

21. Park Woodam

Park Woodam‘s clear tone and ability to hit high notes made him super popular during Produce 101 days. He is currently a contestant on MIXNINE.

22. Yoon Jaechan

Although it is unclear if Yoon Jaechan is still with Major 9 Entertainment, he is currently studying at Lila Art High School. He recently popped up in an episode of Wanna One GO! with schoolmate Bae Jinyoung.

23. Lee Kiwon

Although Lee Kiwon was criticized for possibly using social media to cheat during Produce 101, he also debuted as a member of project group RAINZ.

24. Lee Insoo

Although he wasn’t able to find success with his appearances on BOYS24 and Produce 101, he is still sharing his progress with fans and staying in touch with his friends from Produce 101 days via Instagram.

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25. Zhu Zhengting

Famous for his incredible contemporary dance skills, this Yuehua sprout will also appear on China’s Idol Producer.

Right Round Team (Dance)

26. Kim Namhyung

This member of Right Round team debuted as the other half of AA with Jung Dongsoo. He is currently promoting under the stage name ADDCORN.

27. Byun Hyunmin

The only trainee from Taekwondo demonstration team K-Tigers successfully debuted as a member of RAINZ! He also won a gold medal at the Taekwondo national team selection preliminary competition in July 2017.

28. Yeo Hwanwoong

Well-known for his crisp dance skills, this trainee is preparing for debut. You can see him on RBW’s show I Will Debut with the other RBW trainees!

29. Yoo Hoeseung

Remembered for his ‘lip swipe’ and sweet vocals, Yoo Heoseung debuted as a vocalist for N.Flying in August!

30. Joo Haknyeon

The charming boy from Jeju Island finished as 19th on Produce 101 and recently debuted as a member of The Boyz!

31. Hong Eunki

Produce 101 fans will remember him best from his impromptu contemporary dance duet with Zhu Zhengting! He also debuted as a member of project group, RAINZ.

Fear Team (Rap)

32. Kim Jonghyun

Although the leader of NU’EST didn’t join the final line-up of Wanna One, he is happily promoting as part of NU’EST W and as a cast member on Night Goblin and MasterKey.

33. Kim Taemin

Fans loved Kim Taemin for his adorable clumsiness, and were sad to see him go when he withdrew due to health concerns. Although he still stays in touch with Joo Haknyeon, it seems he has decided to walk the path of an actor.

34. Lai Guanlin

The baby chick trainee’s final ranking was 7th place and he successfully debuted as the swaggy rapper of Wanna One!

35. Jang MoonBok

Famous for his iconic rap style and luscious hair, Jang Moonbok released a digital single with fellow Produce 101 contestant Seong Hyunwoo.

If It Was You Team (vocal)

36. Kim Seongri

With his sweet voice, he participated in drama OSTs before debuting as a member of RAINZ.

37. Kim Yehyun

Kim Yehyun become well-known as “Yehyun Sensei” for arranging & teaching the harmonies for this performance. He left WIDMAY Entertainment in order to focus on his musicals and is also preparing to enter university.

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38. Kim Yongguk

This trainee successfully debuted as a unit project with Choon Entertainment labelmate Kim Sihyun. He is also promoting as a member of JBJ.

39. Joo Jinwoo

This MMO Entertainment trainee with a powerful voice didn’t make it into Wanna One with labelmates Yoon Jisung and Kang Daniel. However, he held a fanmeeting with fellow Produce 101 participants, Choi Taewoong and Kim Jaehan back in June.

Who You Team (rap)

40.  Kim Sanggyun

This rapper debuted in 2013 as A-Tom of Topp Dogg, and finished in 26th place. He is currently promoting as Kim Sanggyun with project group JBJ.

41. Ha Minho

After allegations that Ha Minho was trying to engage in sexual relationships with fans via Instagram direct messages, THE VIBE LABEL (now Major 9 Entertainment) announced that he would be leaving the show and his contract with their company would be terminated. As this incident happened after the recording of the “Who You” performance but before the broadcast, so Minho was edited completely out.

According to his Instagram, he is still passionate about hip-hop and has released a track on his Soundcloud.

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42. Woo Jinyoung

This HF Music trainee caused a buzz with his “Woo Jinyoung micheotji” (Woo Jinyoung is crazy) line in the “Who You” performance. He’s currently participating in MIXNINE and has found immense success there, as he was announced as 1st place of the boys after the December 17 broadcast.

43. Lee Euiwoong

After debuting in a project unit with fellow labelmate Ahn Hyungseob, he will appear in the upcoming KBS drama Radio Romance starring Highlight Yoon Doojoon and Kim So Hyun.

Rhythm Ta Team (Rap)

44. Kim Taewoo

Kim Taewoo debuted as a member of Rion Five in 2014. They have yet to release new music following Taewoo’s appearance on Produce 101, however they recently held a fanmeeting and announced they are preparing a new album!

45. Lee Yoojin

The trainee from Namoo Actors debuted as an actor in 2013 and following his time on Produce 101, he took on the role of Kwon Ho Chang in Age of Youth 2. He was also cast as the younger version of So Ji Sub in the movie Going to Meet You Now which is set to be released in 2018.

46. Lee Gwanghyun

Lee Gwanghyun continues to train at Starship Entertainment, but got to feature in some cool projects this year like Jeong Sewoon‘s debut album and Starship Entertainment’s winter song “Christmas Day”.

Spring Day Team (Vocal)

47. Kim Yongjin

After announcing he had received a diagnosis of glaucoma, he managed to become healthy enough to release solo track “NG” in September. He recently put out a track called ALT+F4 with fellow Produce 101 contestant, Jung Dongsoo aka Arkay of AA.

48. Bae Jinyoung

Bae Jinyoung showed off his unique vocal color during the “Spring Day” performance, and debuted as part of Wanna One’s maknae line!

49. Yoo Seonho

Although this Cube Entertainment baby chick trainee didn’t make the final cut to Wanna One, he’s kept busy with acting in web drama Rebel Detectives, guesting in variety shows, and getting accepted into Hanlim Multi Arts School’s Broadcast & Entertainment Department.

50. Lee Woojin

Known for being the youngest contestant on Produce 101, Lee Woojin actually debuted back in 2016 with The East Light. He continues to promote with them today!

51. Takeda Kenta

This Teen Top stan & only Japanese contestant on the show finished 24th and debuted as a member of JBJ.

Playing with Fire Team (Vocal)

52. Kang Dongho

This manly man from Jeju Island debuted with NU’EST as Baekho in 2012 and continues to promote with NU’EST W today.

53. Lee Daehwi

Known for being the first ever centre for “Pick Me” as well as for his composing skills, Lee Daehwi finished in 3rd place and debuted as a member of Wanna One.

54. Jeong Sewoon

Jeong Sewoon was well-known for looking like cartoon character “Ponyo” as well as his boyish voice and prowess on the guitar.  He finished in 12th place, just missing the cut-off to become a Wanna One member, however he released his debut mini-album Ever in August.

55. Choi Minki

Minki debuted as Ren with NU’EST in 2012 and also continues to promote with NU’EST W today! He will be playing Yeo Hoon in the upcoming drama Four Sons alongside Park Hae Jin, After School‘s Nana, Kwak Si Yang, and Kyung Soo Jin.

Downpour Team (Vocal)

56. Kwon Hyunbin

Despite going through many difficulties during the show, this YGK+ model happily debuted with JBJ!

57. Kim Jaehwan

Kim Jaehwan showed off his incredible vocals and determination throughout the show. He won fans’ heart with his talent and personality and finished in 4th place!

58. Yoon Jisung

Yoon Jisung stole everyone’s hearts with his wonderful personality, his tendency to mother the younger contestants, and his drive to debut. He took 8th place and debuted as the leader (or mother?) of Wanna One.

59. Hwang Minhyun

This member of NU’EST was well-known in Produce 101 for his good looks, talent and incredible strategy as well; as he picked the members for the season’s first “Avengers” team. He finished in 9th place is part of the ‘hyung’ line in Wanna One.

60. Ha Sungwoon

Ha Sungwoon debuted in HOTSHOT in 2014, and is affectionately known for his perfect skin, beautiful vocals, and rising all the way up to 3rd place following the Position Evaluation stages. His ranking was announced last during the Produce 101 finale, as he took number 11 and became the final member of Wanna One.

It looks like all of the Top 60 boys have found a path to happily continue on. Doesn’t it make you want to binge watch Produce 101 Season 2 all over again?




Source: Xportnews, Osen, TV Report, Ilgan Sports and Hankook Ilbo