Here’s What Each TWICE Member Really Thinks About Themselves

They spoke very candidly.

The ladies of TWICE were asked for three words that describe themselves. Here’s what they said!


1. Chaeyoung


“Orange” stands for her new orange hair!

“Strawberry” represents Chaeyoung because she absolutely loves strawberries and has the nickname “Strawberry Princess!”

Chaeyoung is also known as a baby tiger due to her adorable teeth.


2. Sana


Not only does Sana look like a Shiba Inu dog, she also believes in her past life she was one.

To be honest, we’re not sure what Sana meant when she said raspberry – but we do know she’s sweeter than any berry out there!

Another one of Sana’s lookalike is the ‘squirrel’ which is also one of her nicknames!


3. Mina


Mina’s cute way of walking earned her the nickname of “Penguin”! 

“Bangs” came from having bangs for the first time ever during a promotion cycle. The new look turned a lot of heads.

Mina is also famous for being a homebody. On their days off, she’s known to stay in her room watching movies all day. 


4. Dahyun 

“Tofu” is for Dahyun’s nickname, which represents her white and flawless complexion.

Dahyun’s also always full of energy!

And of course, she’s super cute~


5. Tzuyu


Tzuyu’s known for her cute resemblance to Star Wars character, Yoda.

Tzuyu’s the shy type who tends to be more quiet in a group setting.

But when she’s around friends, she’s actual quite talkative.


6. Jihyo


Jihyo is known as TWICE’s microphone because of her powerful voice.

She’s also known for her uncanny resemblance to Thomas the Train because of her round eyes and big cheeks.

While the caption said “Prints”, Jihyo meant to say Jigglypuff (푸린), another doppelgänger of hers.


7. Momo


Momo is known for looking and acting like an affectionate raccoon. Her autograph is also in the shape of one!

Momo is TWICE’s resident foodie!

Momo means “peach” in Japanese!


8. Nayeon


Nayeon currently has black hair, and she’s rocking it!

Known for her cute front teeth, Nayeon is definitely an adorable bunny!

Despite her youthful appearance and energy, she’s actually the group’s oldest member!


9. Jeongyeon


Some fans think that Jeongyeon is referring to her past coconut-style hair, but she’s actually referring to her coconut-scented perfume!

Among them members, Jeongyeon is known as the group’s “mom” because she’s very responsible and caring!

And of course, Jeongyeon is one of the prettiest idols of them all~


Watch the full video below, and make sure to anticipate TWICE’s 2nd special album “Summer Nights” on July 9th!

Get to know the TWICE members!

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Posted by OhK TV Asia on Wednesday, July 4, 2018