Here’s What Type Of Man Each MAMAMOO Member Is Attracted To

From visuals to personality, these are the traits MAMAMOO finds the most attractive.

1. Solar

When it comes to a romantic partner, Solar would like a snappy dresser with an excellent sense of humour.


She named comedian Yoo Jae-suk as her ideal type since he is both funny and stylish.


Her We Got Married “ex-husband”, Eric Nam, has these desirable qualities as well.


In a 2014 interview with Mwave, Solar named rapper Simon Dominic as her ideal type.

She said that she loves the cool vibe he has when he performs, and she believes that they would create great music together.


After seeing this drawing though, fans jokingly said that Solar’s ideal type is herself!

Do you see the resemblance?


2. Hwasa

When Mwave asked Hwasa about her ideal type, she said that it took her a while to figure out what kind of man she likes.


For Hwasa, age gaps are no problem. She finds herself attracted to mature, “fatherly” figures who have a positive attitude. She has named actor Ryu Seung Ryong as her ideal type.


When it comes to Hollywood celebrities, Hwasa chose George Clooney as an example.


3. Wheein

On a recent episode of Secret Sister, Wheein discussed her ideal type with Hyoyeon.


Wheein told Hyoyeon that she is seeking someone manly, dependable, big-hearted, and broad-minded. She wants a partner who is a good listener, who will listen quietly to what she has to say.


In the past, Wheein named rapper Beenzino as her ideal type.


His chiseled visuals definitely suit her tastes, as do his monolids. Wheein finds monolids more attractive than double eyelids.


4. Moonbyul

During an episode of TV Chosun’s Idol Festival Moonbyul opened up about her ideal type of man.


Prior to this episode, Moonbyul had named actor Park Seo Joon as her man of choice.


When Hwasa asked if he was still Moonbyul’s ideal type, she said that her ideal has changed to Yunho (TVXQ!).


When Leeteuk asked why Moonbyul likes him, Moonbyul was quick to list three very good reasons.

“He’s good-looking, he’s good at rapping, and he stole my heart.” — Moonbyul


In the past, Moonbyul said that she is attracted to men with broad shoulders, like actor Gong Yoo.

All three of Moonbyul’s celebrity ideal types are tall and broad-shouldered with strong, masculine facial features.

Source: Chosun, Secret Sister, TV Chosun and Mwave