Here’s What Type Of Woman Each Wanna One Member Is Attracted To

These are the Wanna One members’ ideal types.

1. Jisung

Jisung’s ideal type is someone younger than him who knows a lot of good places to eat, and takes him out to eat when he’s sad!


Maybe a cute foodie like Minah, would be his type!


2. Sungwoon

Sungwoon’s style is cute, shorter than him, innocent looking, with big eyes and long hair.


He has mentioned IU as his ideal type before, and she definitely fits the bill!


3. Minhyun

Minhyun is a very meticulous and tidy so he needs someone who understands this well.


Since he’s such a great dresser, he needs someone stylish with a kind of a cold, chic vibe. Short hair is also a plus!


4. Seongwoo

When asked about his ideal type, Seongwoo always answers with “Wannable”. So sweet!


He’s a little bit obsessed with being the funny one of the group, so he probably would like to meet someone that reacts well to his jokes. 


5. Jaehwan

Jaehwan’s ideal type has gotta be a cutie around 175 cm tall, and he doesn’t care about the age either!

At 173 cm, GFRIEND’s Sowon may be who he’s looking for.


6. Daniel

The nation’s pick prefers older ladies, as he feels they have a lot to teach him.


He’s also looking for someone who isn’t scared of bugs and ghosts and is shorter than him. 

Moonbyul of MAMAMOO is three yeras older than him and has. been fighting off bugs for her group members for years!


7. Jihoon

Although Jihoon is the king of aegyo, he’s actually very manly.

He’d like to date someone that relies on him and only looks at him.


He’s also looking for someone short and cute that uses satoori like him.

A cutie like WJSN’s Dayoung who did Jihoon’s classic “jeojang” line in Jeju Island satoori may be the right fit for him!


8. Woojin

Woojin’s ideal type is any age, lovely, and cute!


They should also be somewhere between 160 to 170 cm tall like TWICE’s Dahyun!


9. Jinyoung

Jinyoung’s looking for someone the same age as him, with long straight hair.


There are talks that he was a Kyulkyung fan before he debuted!

10. Daehwi

Daehwi doesn’t have a lot of specifics, he’s just looking for someone that loves him a lot. Aww!


11. Guanlin

Guanlin would like to meet an older woman, with long, straight hair.


He would also like them to be cute, especially in glasses like Irene from Red Velvet! They should also fit comfortably in his arms.

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