Here’s All The Videos BTS Dropped Just In The Beginning Of 2020

BTS are really going at it for this comeback!

BTS started off 2020 with a bang as they announced their first comeback in ten months with MAP OF THE SOUL: 7. Big Hit Entertainment released a comeback map through Twitter, showing the upcoming schedule until the release of their album.

1. Interlude: Shadow Comeback Trailer

The first video to release for the comeback was Interlude: Shadow Comeback Trailer featuring Suga. This video was released on January 10 KST and is currently at 63M views.

2. Black Swan Art Film

The second video to release was the “Black Swan” Art Film performed by the MN Dance Company. This dropped on January 17 KST and is currently at 32M views.

3. Outro: Ego Comeback Trailer

This outro features J-Hope and was released on February 3 KST and is at 41M views.

4. “ON” Kinetic Manifesto Film: Come Prima

Before the release of the official video, Big Hit released a Kinetic Manifesto Film and showcased an amazing performance by the group and The Lab dance crew and the UCLA marching band. This was released on February 21 KST and is currently at 114M views.

5. “ON” Official MV

The official music video for their title track, “ON” was released on February 28 KST and is currently at 72M views.

6. “Black Swan” Official MV

This music video came as a total surprise to fans in that there was no announcement for this release. On March 5 KST, Big Hit dropped the “Black Swan” music video on YouTube, shocking fans. This video is currently at 14M views the time this is written.

Fans believe that even this surprise release of the music video was planned due to the ‘black swan theory’. This theory describes an event that comes as a surprise and has a major effect. This just proves that we should never count on Big Hit’s schedule because they’re always going to get us like this.

Fans are predicting that another music video will drop soon considering they’ve already dropped 6 for their comeback. Releasing one more would make it 7, which is an important number for this album. What music video do you think they might drop next? Let us know!