Here’s What Young Koreans Are Spending All Their Money On

Young people in South Korea are all about impulse buys.

1. Take Out

Average monthly expenses for dining out for young people in their 20s in South Korea are around US$250 per month.


2. Daiso

In 2016, Daiso was voted the most popular shop for household goods, and 30% of customers at Daiso are in their 20s.


3. Taxi fare

20% of all people in their 20s cite taxi fare as their largest expense.


4. Concerts

More than 1.5 million people in their 20s spend money on concerts or public performances of some kind (about 44%).


Young people in South Korea make the above impulse purchases by justifying that they relieve stress. While some are aware impulse purchases have a negative impact on long-term finances, it’s about immediate happiness and stress relief.

Source: Instiz