10 Hilarious BTS ARMY Reactions To The Return Of Drummer Jungkook That Are Way Too Relatable

“Drummer Jungkook is my weakness”

BTS‘s Jungkook played the drums again in a new video promoting FILA KOREA‘s Winter 2021 collection, and ARMYs are thrilled to have another glimpse of him as Drummer Jungkook!


ARMY was so thrilled to see Drummer Jungkook again that they trended “DRUMMER JUNGKOOK” on Twitter.

Here are 10 hilarious ARMY reactions to the return of Drummer Jungkook!

1. Literally one of the best concepts ever

2. No thoughts, head empty. Just Drummer Jungkook

3. We 100% agree

4. Brb, joining Drummer Jungkook’s fandom

5. Drummer Jungkook has been feeding his fans well

6. This is one agenda we can definitely get behind

7. The most boyfriend material drummer there ever was

8. A win indeed

9. Definitely gonna need a moment to process this

10. He’s the coolest