8 Hilarious Things NCT Said In English That Fans Think About A Lot

NCT members are savage and hilarious

Since NCT is a global group who have gone on international tours and have members from multiple countries, the members have provided us with some of the funniest quotes in both Korean and English. Some of those, fans just can’t stop thinking about. Here are some of the fan-favorite English quotes from NCT!


1. “That’s Not My Problem” — Johnny

While on tour in the US, Mark had a string of bad luck in all the games that NCT played. When he complained about this to Johnny, Jonny shrugged his shoulders and replied, “Not my problem.

Johnny and Mark in the US | NCT DAILY/Youtube


2. “I lived in America for four years, that’s why I’m here, man” — Jaehyun

In a promotion video from their days as rookies, Jaehyun is heard trying to improvise a rap in English, saying, “I lived in America for four years, that’s why I’m here, man, while Mark beatboxes and Johnny also attempts to rap.

SMROOKIES SHOW Promotion Video | SMTOWN/Youtube


3. “Oh, dude, he’s flirting” — Mark

During Johnny’s regular segment on the NCT Youtube channel, Johnny’s Fashion Evaluation, Ten fixes Johnny’s shirt while Johnny, with a cheeky face, keeps popping up a heart sign at Ten and at the camera. As Johnny continues to be flirty, Mark, sounding like he’s just realized what’s happening, comments, “Oh dude, he’s flirting!

“A Cup of Coffee” | NCT DAILY/Youtube


4. “Your head is flat af” — Johnny

Johnny is bound to have multiple entries in this list, as he consistently delivers hilarious and savage remarks. In this case, the members were live streaming as they had a meal together at home. Reading out some of the comments, Johnny turned to Mark and deadpanned, “They’re saying your head is flat. It says flat af.” Jaehyun clearly couldn’t hold back a laugh.

“Brunch And Talk After Travels” | NCT/VLIVE


5. “Netflix and Chill” — Jungwoo

During a ment in the 2020 Resonance concert, Doyoung asked the question, “What hobby do you recommend to stay at home?” and Jungwoo confidently answered, “Netflix and chill.

Jungwoo at the NCT Resonance 2020 Concert | chanpop/Youtube


6. “If I was your boyfriend I’d never let you go…” — Haechan

Singing Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” seems to be Haechan’s go-to when faced with a situation in which he must speak English, which is what he did when he interviewed NCT’s ‘Foreign Swaggers’ (the foreign members of NCT) on his short Youtube series with Taeil, Sun and Moon.

7. “Deez… nuts” — Taeil 

While promoting their Sticker album, NCT 127 filmed a video for GQ in which they went ‘undercover’ online to answer fans’ questions. One of the questions was, “Who is your musical inspiration?” Haechan, referring to the famous producer who collaborates with SM, answered, “Deez”, and Taeil (very) softly added, “nuts” in the background, much to Mark’s amusement.

NCT 127 Goes Undercover | GQ/Youtube


8. “No, puberty hit you” — Johnny

In an episode of Johnny’s Communication Center, Johnny, Mark and Ten attempted to bake Christmas cookies (to mixed success). Afterwards, they sat down to eat their cookies and talk about how far they’ve come. As they looked at an old picture of Johnny and Ten, Mark commented, “I saw how puberty hit you guys.” Johnny instantly came back with, “No, puberty hit YOU. I was PAST puberty by then.” This was a funny comment that made a lot of fans laugh due to the four-year age gap between Johnny and Mark.