15 Inside Jokes Only Real K-Pop Fans Will Understand

Here are some jokes for K-Pop lovers!

Usually, a close group of friends have an inside joke or two that other people may not understand. Being exposed to K-Pop means that as a whole, K-Pop fans have their own inside jokes. Let’s take a look at some of these jokes that only K-Pop fans would understand.


1. What’s MBLAQ’s favorite month?



2. What was T.O.P’s nickname when he was younger?

Teen Top.


3. Knock Knock.

Who’s there?
I want.
I want who?
I want nobody nobody but you! 


4. What did INFINITE do on your birthday?

They Sunggyu a song.


5. “Congratulations you just won Onew car!”

“It’s so SHINee!”


6. Hey can I Baro your Sandeuls?


7. What does U-KISS do when they want something from their boss?

They Kiseop to him.


8. What’s B.A.P’s favorite bird?

A Youngjae.


9. How does Teen Top beg for forgiveness?

They Niel down.


10. What does Seventeen say when they hit #1 on music shows?

We Wonwoo!


11. What does MAMAMOO say when they meet their friends?



12. What is BTS’s favorite cocktail?

Jin and tonic.


13. Why does EXO wear Nike so often?

They were told to just D.O. it.


14. What is TWICE’s favorite car?

The Audi TT.


15. What happened to Super Junior’s fridge? All the drinks are gone!

It’s because Lee Teuk them all.

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